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    Hey emass, I'm pretty sure nobody idolizes me and I ain't no swami of the west, although I have surfed there. Kookfest.
    You're thinking of this guy:

    I mostly just try not to follow this guy's act:

    Someone on this forum once did me the favor of saying,
    "ZaGaffer is the biggest piece of trash on this site. Look at every single discussion thread and I guarantee this idiot is on there somewhere trying to act like he is Kelly Slater, gifting all of us with his presence. Bro, you clearly have no life as you post essay length replies to every single thread on the site. You spend more time talking about surfing on a website than you do actually surfing...and you live in San Diego. I also guarantee you surf like Tourmaline everyday and Blacks "is just too scary for you and your longboard" "Dont come on this board and ask"? Who do you think you are man? I also would bet you live on the east side of 5 with all the other high sock, straight brim, low life's riding around on dirt bikes. Kill yourself"

    He was right about one thing, I'm a not a nice person; but I work on that.

    But, I do think of a lot of the people on this forum as genuine friends. Admittedly, I don't really know em, but what difference does that make?
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