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Thread: Colored wax...

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    X2 on the Pickle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    Like a year ago a shop was out of normal wax and I had to buy "chronic green". Looked f**king gay on day one (90's gay, not 2013 gay, it's cool). Still, a year later, the board looks like crap because the wax, even after a year of adding normal wax, still has green streaks in it. I recommend getting some of that firewater stuff, it's pricey, and purge your board of that hideous sh*t before it ruins your life entirely.

    I don't even want to talk about sticky bumps punt wax... "Something I wish we could un-invent", as Nicholas Cage would put it.
    Holy **** man. I used punt a couple months ago. It was like putting industrial strength super glue mixed with marshmallow fluff. Worst stuff ever! It got all over my wetsuit, all over everything else. I'm with you, wish we could uninvent.

    On the other hand. Munkey is good wax. Sticky but not over kill.

    As to the original question. Let the wax get warm. Then scrape it with a wax comb. Finish with the pickle and your gay pink board will just be a gay white board.

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    Pink sex wax rules. If its zoggs, leave it

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    those pickles are a joke. it's just foam dust in there. that's the best thing for getting wax off after scraping the bulk. the rest comes off perfect with foam dust. i understand it's not easy for most people to get though. sawdust works good too.

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    I only use pink wax, but then again I am a gal. Pink boards too . Go with the pink, no one will steal a pink board.

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    Oh He!! How about just supporting Breast cancer awareness!

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    Just get 2 other colors, that way you can make an artsy design. Then put your skinny jeans on and pose next to the lifeguard stand! Totally hetero

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    i feel like showing up with colored wax on your board is like putting a giant target on your back.

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    Put your board under extremely hot water it will melt it then you can scrape off what's left

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    X3 on the pickle. best thing ive found yet