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    idk, how did alejo muniz win this thing? Mitch Crews outsurfed him, bigtime, way back in the contest - Alejo gets one good turn in the whole heat and makes the heat?...what? plus, he surfs will his backhand all curled up like he's got a palsy or something...but he doesn't (seen other surfers do this like dino andino and even andy irons, but it looks gross, imo)

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    The waves at HB never really look too fun. Trestles is a much more exciting contest.

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    HB can get pretty good, but, yeah, the waves in this contest sucked pretty bad. I was kinda wondering why I wasn't getting any drop-outs on the live feed during the final, then I though it was probably the crappy waves freeing up the bandwidth...or there's other people who couldn't stand to watch alejo curl his wrist in that position
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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    he made the quaters at angry pipe. thats respectable by any standards.
    first of all,the waves at this years us open have been terrible.2nd,gabriel medina is the future of surfing,like john say his surfing sucks mean u must be a total kook and have no idea what good surfing is(not u,the others on the forum that said he sucked).if u compare him to john john in terms of contests results,3 out of 4 heats against slater medina won.his rookie year at 17 he finished in the top 10 with several wins.john john has 1 win,and that's brazil.jjf is still one of the best surfers out,but competitively he isn't on board with medina.u might not see much footage of gabs surfing big waves but theres plenty of vids out there if u look.from quadruple overhead pipe to 20ft saqueremas.he lands 98% of his airs.even dane Reynolds says what u don't see in the video clips is how many times it takes to nail that big air.gabs does it flawless and hes still a grom.everyone from ke11y to bruce irons to pete mel say gabs is an animal

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    ^ Is that why John John is already ahead of Gab in the rankings when he missed two events and Gab's been at all of them?

    Just stirring the pot, I think Gab is sick, but it's tough to say John John isn't a hell of a competitor - remember the pipe pro in 2012 when John John nailed a 10 with 5 minutes left, then a 9.93 as time ran out to beat JOB? He's won 3 straight at the Pipe Pro against a routinely stacked field

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead

    I thought this stuff only happened after a superbowl win or a Stanley Cup loss. Jeez..... tear gas? Rubber bullets?

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    Most likely started by goons who have never even touched a surfboard in their life. At least they couldve done it when Nike was the sponsor. I like Vans