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    Panhandle Power???

    Looks like this weekend could bring some fun surf to the Panama City area. Hopefully the forecast stays the same, Anyone know any breaks around there?

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    go to the pier or st andrews state park, or you could just find a beach break somewhere, but those are the better sports

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    It's going to be "victory at sea" howling onshore slop, so a jetty is your only hope on saturday. Sunday afternoon looks to a little less windy for the beach breaks. Might be a clean knee high wave monday morning.

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    the forecast keep changing, think itll be blown out?

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    At least there will be some sort of bump for the weekend. If it hugs the panhandle we'll be in the green over here. Good luck!

    A large area of disturbed weather over the western Caribbean is moving toward the west-northwest at about 10 knots. The tropical disturbance is centered just northeast of Nicaragua. As of Wednesday morning there is no clear surface pressure in this area right now. The pressure actually rose a few millibars overnight. However in the last several hours, an area of thunderstorms started to blossom, so the pressure might fall once again today. There is still some uncertainty where this tropical system will go once it enters the Gulf Of Mexico on Thursday night. Once this system moves into the Gulf Of Mexico, then it will have the best chance of gaining strength and forming a surface low. Most of the model guidance shows the tropical moisture moves somewhere between the mouth of the Mississippi to the panhandle of Florida. This is likely to happen on Friday afternoon into Saturday. There is a slight chance that the storm system will move slower into the Gulf of Mexico and head towards central Texas. As of right now this is the outlier, with the most probable outcome will be the system moving towards the Florida Panhandle... we will watch it and keep you posted.

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    Should be getting some over this way too, all depends what that storm decides to do, but if all goes well we'll all get a little nug

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    I've hit St. Andrews State Park...I think it is on a jetty in Panama City Beach. Across from the jetty to the east is Shell Island, but you have to paddle across the cut, or take a boat. You better know your **** if you decide to paddle across or you could be sucked out to sea. I was landlocked in Montgomery one time, and drove down to PCB and rented a board from Surf Hut. It was head high, Easter south swell, and I was surprised. The stencil on the underside of the nose that said "Surf Hut" let everyone in the lineup know I was a tourist, but they were all real nice and respectful, not like were I am from. They told me it gets epic on Shell Island. That is all I know. Have fun bro. Oh, and I saw waht I thought was a toy rubber gator on the jetty, and I poked it with a stick , and it snapped at me. Then I saw a deer on the beach later that day. All in all a great memory. Oh... now I just remembered...Alabama Point...on the west side of Perdido Beach... just over the state line. I saw it breaking way out by this buoy, and the few that were out were surfing the 3 foot shore break. I paddled out to the buoy, and caught head high plus waves on a sandbar - a right wall that stopped in the channel. One boat that was coming in asked if I was lost. I bummed beer off them It was great.

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    sounds like a good time to me hhaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastCoastBoast View Post
    the forecast keep changing, think itll be blown out?
    ha, you're right - it's now forecast to be clean waist high saturday all morning and blown out sunday until late afternoon. flat monday