Andrew WK mentioned Hurricane Floyd in the Dorian thread and that got me thinking bout the Hurricanes over the years that stand out in mind for good surf, destruction, or ones where we hunkered down and got toasted. Obviously Sandy is still fresh in everyone's mind around here but it wasn't the first one where I saw the destruction first hand. Hugo back in 89 destroyed my Uncle's house in PR.
The first one I remember surfing was Gloria waaaay back in 1985. Head high plus on a 70s single fin. You could say I took a serious beating. It didn't occur to me to wait for winds to turn offshore.
The first one I really remember being in tune with was Hurricane Bob. Think it was 1991? We got that one good before it went up and clobbered New England.
Two storms before Floyd was Dennis. I remember massive drops at the Wooden Jetty on LBI. Saved two kids who got washed out that day. Think it was labor Day weekend. I think that one is still me favorite.
I'm sure the Florida guys have lots of stories. Let's hear em.