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Thread: Jumping Rays

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    Jumping Rays

    Enjoy watching the rays jump in front of the sunrise?

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    Mar 2013
    sea level
    Lately it's been quite spectacular ! even in the inter coastal near the seabass inlet! Keep lookin up my friend!
    Stay stoked.

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    May 2013
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    wooo bat rays anyone eat alantic rays? there really good.

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    Mar 2012
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    Wait, so you guys actually see rays launch and like, catch air? I've seen giant mantas, I've seen gulfodemex brown rays, an I've been jabbed twice by whatever's under my feet out here; but I have never seen a ray out of the water except on the end of a line. Do they really jump, please explain?

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    They've clearly been riding dirty with jerseyplaya and getting pinned on the reg with gruvi. I'd say pier shotting is next.

    So was Steve Irwin victim to an airborne ray?


    If there were a #3 on the list, it would be "punt over the lip".

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    yeah, eagle rays breach out here. i think only surfers see them do the act more often since we're always looking out into the horizon

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    I had one swim by me about a foot beneath the surface a couple of weeks ago, first time it's ever happened.

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    Definitely seen rays leap but has anyone seen a sea turtle ride a wave? I saw one slide down the face once. Really cool.

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    bethany & wrightsville
    I saw a Manta do a backflip about 3 feet out of the water last year in Southern Delaware. Looked like a damn car flying out of the water. Never seen anything like it. Been seeing lots of Skate (not sure if thats how it is spelt) recently too.

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