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5th grade insults? lol. read some of what you write. like this "i bet i have more fun then you". WTF? lol.
I am still not sure where you think I said I hate surfing or surfers.

Calling someone a homo and saying they have no friends on the internet = 5th grade insult.
Telling someone they are ignorant for bashing a place they have never been to = adult insult.

My statement about having more fun is based on the fact that you felt the need to point out the "old days" as something better than today. Most of you old school surfers lost your real love of the sport long ago. That is why you long for the past.

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glad we can agree about the church. your probably the only dude in south carolina who is not into it. good for you. maybe one day you'll develop a soul and not hate surfing and surfers so much.
As the king of sweeping generalizations, it is interesting that now you are trying to make me look like the aggressor here. You can't make a dozen posts calling all southerners uneducated inbred hicks, and all of the sudden be a saint. I never insulted the north in general (Why would I, as someone born and raised in the north, insult my original home). I only insulted you, which I believe was more than warranted when you make statements like this:
"and how do these inbreeding southerners claim their economy is better? they high? walmart jobs don't add up to sh!t."