I've been out to Fire Island a few times to a few different locations and it's always the same thing. No matter what the tide is, how big the swell is (haven't been out there when the swell is over 5 feet), it's always does the same thing. The wave jacks up right before it gets to shore and dumps into almost dry sand. One time I went out there to beat the crowds while western long island was chest to shoulder high and I got skunked. It just would not break on the outside even at low tide. It's like there's no sandbar on the outside and it just laps onto the beach.

I realize it's a 30 mile long barrier island and it's got to be good somewhere. I'm not expecting a local to tell me even remotely where, just curious at to why it doesn't break when all the other places on the island are working and why it seems that Fire Island doesn't have a good sandbar even at low tide?