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Thread: Lost Surfboards

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    supposedly, most Lost poly boards now use Arctic foam. This foam is reportedly denser than US blanks foam and, thus, not quite as prone to heavy pressure dents. Lost boards made from Arctic foam will have the abbreviation "ARC" written with the dims ("AKU" means it was machine shaped).

    one of the things that bugged me about my last lost board was they over sanded one of the (future) fin boxes. Nit picky, I know, but this made the base of one of my fins stick 1/8" up from the board.

    If you get a deal online, you just gotta hope you get a good one...but if you're buying from a shop, look at the flange ridges sticking up from the boxes (the thin, raised lip hugging the fin base): they should all still be relatively thin and barely sanded down. If you see any that are inconsistent or fat, they might have been sanded down too far and the fin bases are going to protrude (pick another board).
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    there you go, trying to ruin another thread with your bizzare attacks. My post was relative to this thread and I think it was a decent contribution.

    I said might have been sanded too far, because I wasn't sure. Couldn't you just have said: "Actually, the box is probably just too shallow"? Doesn't matter if the box was oversanded or "set too shallow", either way it was done wrong and is something a buyer can avoid. Anyway, if it's so easy to fix, why didn't you elaborate on that...everything is just so easy for you.

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    yeah, we get it, you know everyone. how 'bout quit stalking me, creep

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    just so people don't think I'm quadruple posting, OceanO went on another one of his derogatory tirades...then deleted all of his posts because they sounded like a meth addict on a 2 week bender. His last post claimed he knew all "the boys" in my area and that he would find out who I was, etc, etc. He's also been sending me derogatory PMs.
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