That's sick dude... Good for you.
I didn't realize that spot got so good. I thought Sandy was a freak.

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When I was a youth, I've paddled in on 15 to 18 foot faces, and when at Reef Road on triple overhead days, sometimes you could see my bro Frog going down 20 + faces. I've seen people (2) helicoptered out of there after not making the left and hitting the jetty. Once on a very big day (15 -18 foot faces) I got sucked across and out the inlet after the wind switched hard out of the north, and saw a 50 foot dive boat sink going out the inlet as it got caught broadside by a 20 foot set. All you could see was the bow pulpit sticking out of the water, as the rest of the boat was tombstoning. Then I was surrounded by bouyancy compensators, heard the divers count off, then I paddled into a double overhead wave at Reef Road to get back into shore, then I paddled back across the inlet to get back home. So, the answer is yes, most definitely bro.