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    austin surfboards va beach

    Does anyone have any info on austin's custom surfboards and the quality. I was thinking about having a custom short board made by him. I have heard really great things about his work.

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    I always wanted an Austin but never put the money toward it. I surfed a longboard made by Austin and it was just smooth and had a retro vibe to it (at the time it was the only longboard I rode too). Here is a post from swell that was posted a few years back that kinda states the same:


    If you get one let us know and post some pictures! Few quality true local shapers around like Austin!

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    I have a custom Longboard and shortboard made by Austin. Both are great boards. My longboard is a 9'6 soul glide with a mexican blanket paint job. Perfect for riding the nose. My shorty is a 5'10 rocket fish. I got it made pretty thick and wide (2 3/8 thick, 20' wide) for the mush around here. Not much of a performance board but its good for smaller stuff.

    If you get custom artwork, be VERY SPECIFIC on what you want. I gave him a general idea of what I wanted and trusted him as an artist to give me what I was looking for. Overall he did great, but I wish I was more specific on what colors I wanted and how much of it I wanted where.

    I would highly reccomend him for boards. He does incredible work. Super chill guy and will talk to you for hours until you figure out what it is that you want.
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    every board in there is drool worthy. His retro's and log's are off the hook! I currently have a log with him for a glass job. His glass and resin work comes highly recommended. He guarantee's his work and that is above and beyond in this business. I say he is one of VB's finest.

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    I have a 7'6 rocketfish by Austin. It seems to be very durable, it should have a lot of dings that it doesn't have. Not much for performance though. He is known for retro boards. Don't go to him for a josh. Go to him for a log, retro fish, mini simmons, etc.

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    What kind of performance where you hoping for from a 7 1/2 foot board?

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    To OP. I don't know much about short boards but I do know a thing or two about craftsmanship. Austin's boards are oozing with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clintopher View Post
    What kind of performance where you hoping for from a 7 1/2 foot board?
    One man's big board is another man's performance board. Depends on a few factors, like rider's height, weight, fitness level, sobriety. (that last one was a mild joke)

    A rider 6'3, 220 lbs who's in good physical condition & who has decent experience can easily get a lot of snap from a 7'6, depending on the wave conditions & the shape of the stick of course.
    One man's humble opinion, not claiming authority by any means.

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    Austin is excellent!! You cant go wrong! I'm having him make a copy of one of my old boards with modern fins setup.

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    thanks for the feeback. I ordered a 5'10 board from him so once i get it ill post some pictures of th finished stick.