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Thread: Hypto kryptos

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i still don't get it - it ain't the carbon fiber that justifies the price....that's pretty standard stuff in my local guy's boards for a lot less money. and proprietary doesn't mean it should cost more unless you are licensing the technology from someone else. and if shop employees can get it for a lot less, than that means the cost really isn't that high to start with. maybe marketing hype and subsequent demand at play here?
    typically carbon fiber is expensive b/c you're competing w/ the aerospace industry for it. that's the justification for the cost.

    also, gsi IS licensing the construction method...from hayden himself.

    they were priced the way they are before the hype. the hype is in spite of the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muchoaloha View Post
    I've heard they were fragile for such "high tech" materials. Is this true?
    Honestly i cant really find any pressure dents or anything in mine. my 2 other ...lost boards are beat to poop (i realize the glass them lightly) and my winter step up has 7oz. glassing on the deck so that dosent count. out of the 4 i feel like the Hyden has held up great.

    Hayden should really start paying me for this thread.......