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...lost across America, vol. 2.
-Sean Mullins (?) epic rant on why he should be sponsored.
-every time Randall makes an appearance.
-Cory Lopez killing it.
I consider this a great motivational film, a must watch when its dark n' stormy out and you know its going to be good in the a.m.
Or, you're in the middle of a multi-day bender and your friends are attempting to drag you out for round three.
I have all the lost flicks burned off Netflix,they have 2 movies on 1 disk like lost at sea/on the rd with spike..i think todays generation needs a brief history lesson and an old ...lost film will send you on the way.every surfer worth knowing is on those dvds.you have chicken wiley smoking bongs and playin guitar.kellys in the bathroom.the beschens,lopez',wardo,irons',fletchers'..iv been seeing a lot of this guy rips,this guy sucks lately people don't know the surf crews.andy always surfed with cory,ward,gavin n shane beschen,yet a lot of people don't know who they are.

theres a 40min video online on chopes,the day andy got "that wave",its a ...lost video u guys should check it out.again,everyone praises andy,which he deserves for his heroics that day,but watch the video and see all the heroes you can name.it wasn't like andy was out there alone.everybody that surfed that day should get a cookie.damien hobgood absolutely killed it,brain conley,mick,parko,ward,corey,kalani,and 3o others.i saw a video the other day on youtube with parko while he had his mullet,and he fukin rips in that mullet!!!!!!!!