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    Where were you on this date

    when G H W Butch killed Kennedy? I was in Camp King, Oberursal Germany.

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    Smokin grass with my friend Knoll

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    Isn't his brother the bean eater, Gassy Knoll?

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    Nah your thinking of that NZ Troll.

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    Nope, you're talking about MT Hole.

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    You guys are profound, profane and prolific,
    You're a bunch of poets,
    This thread's Effin' Terrific!

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    yer the poet
    and you know it.
    yer feet show it
    because they smell like the Dikkens. (had to spell it that way because you can't write ****)

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    I was still jumping from ball to ball to keep from being a bastard

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    howz that working out for you?

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    epictetus and then chich, that made me laugh a lot

    here is some betty white from back in the day
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