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Thread: leashes

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    any opinions on who makes the best leashes? (6 ft leash)
    i rarely break them but when it does happen its always at the swivel/ball and joint spot by the ankle strap. 2 went on me recently, a Dakine and Bullys.

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    Creatures of Leisure leashes have held up pretty good for me. And FCS, too. No broken ones, knock on wood.

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    creatures are the only "big name" leash i haven't broken, which is (to me) rather impressive.

    crow haley makes an excellent product, & made in the usa as well. i know guys who are still using their first leash from crow, 15+ years later.

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    the creatures of leasure leash I'm using now has lasted longer than any other leash I've ever had...and it's the thinner "comp" version, to boot. I'm guessing it's due to the "DNA flex mold" tech on the joint that connects the tubing to the ankle strap/rail guard (which is where leashes have always broken on me in the past)

    however...I hated the ankle strap on it because the extended plastic release flap kept getting caught on anything and kept unvelcro-ing (they probably don't make them like that any more). Tried trimming the flap, but, didn't help much and had to replace it with an old leftover ankle strap
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    Crow Haley then Destination Surf.

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    +1 on Creatures. I've broken them, they're not mythically indestructible, but for bang for the buck, all the way. I've snapped two FCS right at the ball joint in much less time

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    I have had a Creatures, Dakine, FCS, Blackline, Stay Covered, and just got a Crow Haley. The Stay Covered and Crow Haley are my favorites. Both made in the US and better quality than the bigger name brands. For some reason the Stay Covered never seems to get tangled up in the water like some others, must be the type of urethane they use for the cord or something. Crow Haleys are handmade by one guy in CA who has been doing it for over 30 years, the quality is top notch. Get them here:

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    awesome thanks! i have heard stay covered as well. gonna give that, crow haley and creatures a shot. that outta hold me for a while

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    what's wrong with a little swim?

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    I prefer Dakine and use them on all my boards, broke several FCS ones before, but have yet to break my Dakine's, although i'm sure they will one day, they all do. If you are surfing in any kind of decent surf, you'll break em eventually, just part of it.

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