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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    I've been monitoring the tropics closely, and still nothing super promising show on the forecast charts. There are 2 waves off of Africa to monitor, but none of them show great promise right now. At the very end of August, beginning of September, you are almost guaranteed to see something, so its starting to get a little disturbing
    I'd say the current outlook is giving a new meaning to "tropical depression".

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    Quote Originally Posted by still stoked View Post
    I'd say the current outlook is giving a new meaning to "tropical depression".
    Hey, on the up side there is always 37 degree water and 40mph off shores with closeouts to look forward to! Now those are so awesome-epic conditions!

    It's EC, we hustle and get what we can.

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    We'll get ours!!!!! Plenty of fun days this summer. Could use a truly exceptional day though!!!!

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    Oh guys, I talked to Jesus last night. No, not WalkingonH20, the real deal. And HE said, " Sorry dudes, no hurricane swells this year." He alluded to a possible minimal shot late in September, but that depends on youse guys' behavior. HE said that some of you guys were being bad boys this summer and that is why you are being punished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.R.gnar28 View Post
    Apparently the Saharan Air Layer isn't helping.
    One word/acronym: HAARP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Wet Monster View Post
    I am a weekend warrior and am so pumped to be at the beach sept 7th and 8th.... Saw this today and it looks like there is a 30% of some storms producing....
    30% of the time it happens every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by still stoked View Post
    I'd say the current outlook is giving a new meaning to "tropical depression".
    California doctor: alright so what are your symptoms son? let me guess back aches, trouble sleepeing, anxiety?

    Frosty: No doc, even worse. i'm tropically depressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    One word/acronym: HAARP.
    oh jesus comes the tinfoil hat brigade

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    oh jesus comes the tinfoil hat brigade
    Na braddah. I'm not starchy. But who knows what's going on behind the curtain in this world. Someone here mentioned that post-Katrina there was a similar dust cloud happening to present itself off the shore of West Africa as it is post-Sandy. You know Ho Chi Minh had an iPhone 7 and J. Edgar watched Armstrong charge the moon via 1080p in his basement mancave. They are decades ahead of us in Langley, Lubyanka, and Room 39. Hell, the champagne room in Studio 54 may have even been Jetsonian during the Carter era. sandblasters would know better than I. Maybe even Zach; dude's so damn smart about surfing he's gotta be harboring intel in other facets of counterculture.

    Na brah, I'm a proud American that likes Budweiser (sorry BE!!), drives Ford Tough, and is thankful for all the red, white & blue gives us. As long as we eventually get a few gnarly cane swells we can charge them and just chalk it up as a mediocre season. Then we can woo Doomsday part deux and nor'Easters with Cat-3 gusts. More importantly, are you braddahs prepping to yield a bountiful harvest of a harem down the stretch of the pennant race so you can have some swallow tail to get snowed in with the nights before charging the next Nemo after party? April & October...Abril y Octubre. Mating months...mating months. By Halloween, them dimes be latching on to the most fit of blokes like they was those leeches on Will Wheaton's testes in Stand By Me. Gather your acorns...