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    Surfboard Question

    I have this Hobie that I am trying to figure out what year it was made and what it is worth. I had it lightly re-glassed by Greg Eavey a few years ago and in the process he was going to have a friend who collects vintage boards appraise it but it never happened. I cant seem to find anything on the interwebs about it, but I have been told it was a 1961 model? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    2013-09-01 09.01.29.jpg2013-09-01 09.01.48.jpg2013-09-01 09.03.03.jpg2013-09-01 09.03.24.jpg

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    cool board. If it didn't have those two ugly filler dings, I'm guessing it might be worth a grand. As it is, maybe worth a couple hundred, max, because the owner would have to invest in getting that white **** color corrected