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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle87 View Post
    I hear your arguments that Jay's life waovie worthy but the proof is in the pudding. How many 16 year olds (barely able to drive probably in 10thade) are attempting to charge Mav's with water temps hovering around 40-50, ice cream headaches, men in the gray suits, inside rocks/boulders, fluctuating take-off spots, and last butnot least wave heights that produce are big enough to hold a BIG wave contest and just recently killed pro Sion Milssosky (who was a very experienced Waterman who I'm sure could hold his breath for around 4 minutes or so. With all that being said it is very impressive to see the dedication that it takes to be able to charge these types of waves. I think the movie is very inspiring for paddle-in, hardcore big wave guys. Just like Blue Crush was for the ladies (which was a very poor movie graphic wise) Chasing Mav's is one of the most realistic surf movies to come.out since Endless Summer. Yeah no movie is ever PERFECT and I did notice some flaws but can anyone else have a in-theather worth, worldwide surf movie in their honor??? Kelly Slater: A young Floridian begins to win contests and doesn't stop for a few years?? Plus he already got his fame. Andy Irons: A true Hawaiian who competes with his brother growing up and pulls through to win a Title?? Could work until he dies from getting high.. I'm sure there's some good ideas out there so yeah lets hear some. My point is that he paddled out at Mav's at 16 ! Yeah he got a wipeout covershot but heck I know everyone on these forums would take it. This is my first post/first day. I moved out westfrom Ft Lauderdale a year ago and its just as flat! Enjoy your short week everyone! Ill be aroundddddd!!!!!
    To answer your first question: 25 and that's only Mavericks teens. If you factor in other areas such as Hawaii and shoot, there are 162, 16-year-olds who ride large surf.

    3,875,765 16 year-olds have alcoholic single mothers as their caregivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlerhody View Post
    I thought the movie was pretty retarded. having said that Jay Moriarity (RIP) defintely has a massive ball sack and it sucks the way he died but again the movie was trying to be dramatic and everyone overacted. not sure on how factually correct it was. so the first time he paddled out to mavericks he caught the set of the day. I find that hard to believe since he had no big wave experience but it is hollywood. haha
    As far as facts go around Jay and Chasing Mavericks the best thing to do when watching the movie is to realize Hollywood added extra drama into it. Frosty was a real person who surfed Mav's back in the day and also helped train Jay. Besides that fact everything else about Frosty's character is either Hollywood glam or unconfirmed (wife passing away and such). Jay's mom did have to write a permission slip and Frosty did not believe the original note and she knew all about it. Was Jay's mom an alcoholic in real life? Unconfirmed; but not unbelievable.

    I'm also pretty sure Jay was riding Mav's before the photo shoot of his drop over the falls that landed him facetime on the magazines; but the fact of him being only 16 at the time was the key point. Back then there was no one riding those heavy waves at that age. Yes riding big pipe was probably some younger Makaha boys who rode big waves comparable and later on John John is charging pipeline at what age 8?

    Casting for Jay's wife/girlfriend was spot on if you look up current pictures or watch the behind the scene stuff on the bluray. Looks just like her.

    Good movie; but no where near the classic's North Shore and In God's Hands... hahaha. Shane Dorian acting... classic.

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    I cried like a B*tch at the end... I ADMIT IT.. I ADMIT IT...

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    I give it a B-, not the best movie in the world but certainly not the worst either. It's Hollywood so you gotta take it with a grain of salt. I think overall though it was entertaining. Did it portray Jay's life correctly? IDK, I didn't know him personally but I think they did him justice. Was Frosty a bit over dramatic, maybe, but again it's Hollywood. I think if they made the movie 100% accurate or true to life it would be boring as hell. How many surfers do you know that could hold your interest for 2hrs straight? HAHA Most dudes barely even know how to say hi good morning, let alone carry out the task of entertaining you for a full length movie.
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    I thought the most difficult feat of the movie was riding on top of a van for 50 miles at 5am holding on to the ladder on the back.