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    Quote Originally Posted by DosXX View Post
    But in VB, we're near the "a-hole" of the Mid-Atlantic, with the Elizabeth rivers, James River, Chesapeake Bay, and other local drainage continuously emptying into the ocean at one relatively small location.
    That's spot-on.

    I got sick from surfing in the 40's blocks while that replenishment was happening this summer. And so did several people I know, as well as their kids.

    Cali beaches are often closed; the ocean pollution is bad here on the right coast, too.

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    There's been an algae bloom the last 4-5 days, typically I do the netti-pot, but I have sinus issues so it's preventative maintenance for that. But it helps after a long day in the water.

    I surfed 30sh Streets earlier in the summer and was fine. But that was just a few times.

    All the more reason to head south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DosXX View Post
    Has anyone who's been surfing the VA Bch area consistently the past couple weeks experiencing lower GI problems, i.e., the runs? Not meaning to get too personal here, but I've been having symptoms off and on for the past 2 weeks. They seem to correspond with my sessions. I've been getting out at least 4 X per week lately, and during the past 2-plus weeks the water has been reddish brown with a stronger than usual fishy smell. I attributed that to some red tide we seem to be experiencing here. Maybe I inadvertently swallowed too much of the stuff, or perhaps my "surf immunity" isn't adequately developed.

    In addition to this reddish brown soup and washed up on the beach at Dam Neck late yesterday and this morning was the upper half of a large loggerhead turtle. It's head was almost as large as a basketball. It had been cut right in two - presumably by a ship's prop.
    DosXX. Good meeting you the other week. I'll PM you. I've had ear probs since Mar of this year with swollen eardrums. Still not corrected. Another guy who surfs there has had similar probs. Yes, it's the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    Ive been ****ting out of my ears..
    That's because you're a ****head!!!....................Sorry, but I couldn't resist.

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    From the looks of it, I'm guessing that none of you know that there is a website that shows the results of fairly regular water quality monitoring for VB.


    It's always good to give this an occasional glance. If the numbers are too high, don't paddle out.

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    BTW, looks like we are due for a water quality check around here.

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    Virginia Beach actually has above average water quality. It's just your normal red tide that usually occurs around this time of year. Just be thankful there aren't any sea lice (yet).

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    I always thought it was kind of weird that 3 friends that I grew up surfing with at the north end of sandbridge ended up with cancer. 2 made it and 1 didn't. It's most likely a coincidence but 3 guys that regularly surfed the same 1/2 mile stretch of beach all getting cancer in their 20's-30's seems a little out of the norm if you ask me.

    You never know what lurks on the bottom down there and who knows what kind of ammo they use when they target practice with the shore based howitzer type cannons.

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    Yea, the water at dam neck had the nasty brown color, my right ear is messed up at the moment.. I think it may be because of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Losttsol View Post
    Virginia Beach actually has above average water quality. It's just your normal red tide that usually occurs around this time of year. Just be thankful there aren't any sea lice (yet).
    I was getting bit by sea lice yesterday and the day before that unfortunately... They even went for my balls.