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    1ST concert was Devo in 1979 - the band started 2 1/2 hours late. So they decided to play every song they had recorded up until then, and then some. We got to talk to the band after the show, it was at Rhode Island College with maybe 7-800 people there.

    Loudest was easily Frank Zappa, My ears rang for two days after.

    The cleanest playing and clearest P.A. system was Eric Clapton, for some reason he had Phil Collins on drum for that tour thru New England.

    Also have seen...

    Robert Plant
    John Cougar
    Eddie Money
    John Hiatt
    Robert Cray Band

    Plus a lot of the smaller venues around Southern New England.

    Someone mentioned The Plasmastics - the most underrated Punk Band of the era.

    R.I.P Wendy O. Williams

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    1st concert was 1976: Kansas on their Leftoverture tour. I was a little kid sitting on my brothers shoulders, but I remember they were so damn good.

    Billy Idol on the Rebel yell tour in 1983. Billy at his most awesome. Front row and I was right under Steve Stevens guitar.

    Saw the B-52's in 83 on their Whammy tour. That one kinda sucked. Sounded lip synched and just too electronic for live (dancing to their records in the bars was much better)

    Saw TSOL in 84 on their Change Today tour. They were pre "goth" and super creepy...kinda like going to see a fledgling punk version of KISS. Surprisingly good...especially for punk musicians. Every song was in the same key, but they were relatively well crafted, vocals were outstanding and stage presence was impressive.

    Best concert, though, was Steve Morse Band supporting their "Coast to Coast" album in 1992. Steve's so f*cking amazing, he casts a spell over the audience with just his stage presence, then his intricate/classically composed country fried rock arrangements and virtuosity kill you.

    Close runner-up would be Vital Information with Frank Gambale in 1991. Frank's sweeping guitar technique is unprecedented, so ungodly technical and smooth, I sat motionless for hours with my eyes glued to his fingers and my jaw on the ground.
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    Saw Marco Benevento a cpl weeks back, pretty good stuff...if you're into crunchy/jazzy/instumental stuff definitely worth checking out.