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    Help- firewire sweet potato or baked potato

    So I'm about to pull the trigger on a new board, but wanted some input.

    Looking for a board that can be ridden from 1"-3'. Was really thinking the sweet potato, but have read the baked potato is more performance.

    I am willing to give-up some performance for speed and ease of catching waves- but wanted your input.

    I'm 6.0, 195, so thinking 5.8 sp or 5.11 bp.

    Thanks in advance

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    sweet potato is going to give you an edge in wave catching...and isn't that pretty much the goal? I would think baked pot is if you surf a lot and have your paddling game on. Don't just guess the appropriate size - use the firewire volume calculator (once you fill in your dims, it'll have a link to board suggestions underneath)
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    sweet potato

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    I have a sweet potato and it's my "daily board" but when the waves get stomach high or bigger a baked potato would be the call. For reference I'm 5'10 170lbs and I have a 5'4 and could easily ride a 5'2. Even at your size I wouldn't go over a 5'6. They have insane float and catch waves with ease.

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    I'm your size and ride a baked potato in anything from ankle high to shoulder high, my board is 5'9" . I can catch anything on that board that a sweet potato can, and it turns much easier. You could go much smaller on a sweet potato.
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    sweet potato 5'6.. don't go to big on these.. i had a 5'4 at 170 and it was a boat.. sold it and got a 5'6 potatonator.. paddles better then the sweet and its 5L less volume.. its my dd and a much better performance board in the small stuff the the sweet..the sweet isn't a great paddler however it will skate over flats like a dream

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    i should add if you normally surf 1-3 mush then sweet it the call.. if its a beach break with any kinda punch the sweet doesn't fit into the curve of the wave well

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    I was looking for a 5-6, I'm around 5-6 myself and 140lbs. Damn, how much float do these things have? I kinda wanna try one out. Also, did you just order these online and had it shipped? Or picked it out froma distributor/shop?

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    Why don't you get a custom shape done for LESS than the cost of the FireWire? Support local shapers for cheaper and a better overall board! You could take the same shape of blend something of the bing dharma sweet potato and a fish

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    delass, i have a 5'6" sweet potato and the thing rocks, even in punchy shorebreak, I'm 5'11", 195lbs.
    Can't speak to the baked, but may pick one up here soon.
    McLovin, I would go shorter with your height & weight, at least down to a 5'2".
    Had a blast on mine today...there was a solid window of about 2 hours where it was crankin'.
    This surfing everyday...I could get used to.