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    dirty hippy life

    ok so ive got 2 months to get off the ec i have about 8 grand and my latest plan it to buy a van load a bed and all my **** in it and cruise to so cal and make my way north along the coast till i run out of time and its time to head back.. any advice, warnings, must stop places, leads on vans or any other knowledge you could drop on me would be much appreciated.

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    congrats! Only advice I have to offer is....ALWAYS wear a condom. Always. I'm serious. Serious as hell.

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    don't get caught in SD county sleeping in your van. 30 days minimum first offense or something like that. OC has something similar on the books. if you do it and a cop knocks on the door, never answer it.

    just go north asap. central coast has better/way more consistent waves and is the van-hippie center of the universe. especially between santa cruz and SF. nobody cares if your trolling it in a van as long as your not bothering anyone. easily the best stretch of coast in North America if not the world. you'll find out quick there's no reason to go anywhere else.

    also, expect a rash of judgemental, snide bullsh!t from others with no info to offer on this forum.

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    I cruised a van from Sanfrancisco to Santa Barbara and back for a mere 2 week excursion. It was a good trip in January. The channel islands (not the boards) got on my nerves so I headed back north quick for bigger and better surf. Watch where you park because the meth epidemic results in tons of break ins. I didn't surf a couple spots because there was so much broken glass where you park, indicating a good chance your stuff may be stolen while your in the water. The crowds at some spots are mind blowing. Localism can be an issue but less so if your respectful and solo. You'll have fun, maybe too much. Enjoy and use your heads!

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    Head to northern Cali. Dozens of surf breaks, Virtually no crowds easy vibe, Lots of camp spots. Be ready for colder, heavier water and the sharks,

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    probly better to head south to Baja.warm empty waves vs cold big scary sharky waters.i don't know much about northern cali,but I bet theres some undiscovered bigwave spots up there.we know about ghost trees,mavs,up in Oregon they have nelscott sure theres something else lingering up there.and ocean beach in san fran is the cold water being stuck on the eastcoast

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    Make sure to dip down into baja- you will not regret it- less crowds and really good waves! Just don't take all your 8k with you Mexico... You might not come back with it...

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    I'm with some of the others. I did a trip like that a couple of years ago, and Southern Oregon to Santa Barbara was awesome with plenty of places to camp and lots of great places to surf that weren't very crowded, if there was any kind of crowd at all. Canada and Washington were beautiful, but the surf was kind of sparse. Once I hit LA and south, I just felt suffocated by people and the camping costs soared or became illegal. One exception though, the San Clemente area was really sweet. By the time I got to San Diego, I just wanted out. The crowds and traffic were ridiculous. That all said, given the time of the year. I'd start north and work your way south. Winter's coming and better to be South as it kicks in and enjoy fall up north, while things aren't as cold. Points south of Diego are awesome too. As mentioned, skip So Cal, and go to Baja.

    PS: Don't fear the sharky rumors. They're out there, but its rare to encounter them, let alone be bothered by them. You've got a better chance of being robbed by unruly locals than you do of getting bitten by a shark. Oh, and yes, the water is cold up north, but no less than 45 degrees up into Oregon. Its not like the East Coast where the temp keeps dropping. Its pretty constant. 65 in So Cal, 55-60 in Nor Cal, and 45 - 50 in Oregon.

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    I currently live in Nor Cal (EC transplant) and believe me the shark threat is real. With that being said, I would stick to the more crowded spots north of Santa Cruz. I wont mention names but there is a killer rivermouth near me that is probably one of the longest lefts in california that is rarely surfed due to the shark population.

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    I'm curious...I haven't been to the Nor Cal coast in a very long time. How real is the shark situation? I haven't heard of any reported attacks this year. I realize I'm on the east coast, but GW attacks usually make national news (I think?).

    SFS - sounds like an awesome opportunity. If it were me I'd look to spend more time in far Nor Cal, OR and maybe WA. The huge crowds would bug me.