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    Has surfing turned me off to snowboarding?

    In short: I'm a skier turned snowboarder, took up surfing shortly after snowboarding, had to give surfing up for a few years when I moved inland and only got back into it within the past few years of living near ocean waves again.

    Well, I went snowboarding the other day and it was fun, but it wasn't even close to as much as I enjoy surfing. For the first time to me, snowboarding just felt like a half-assed attempt at surfing on something that isn't water or a wave. The ride just isn't that fluid, smooth feel of working the rails of a surfboard.

    And then I see terrain like moguls that I remember used to be very fun and fluid on skis. But I don't bother with them at all anymore because they suck on a snowboard. I had a fun day, but I almost feel like I want to take up skiing again to enjoy the mountains more, and scratch the surfing itch with just good ol' surfing.

    I'm at a point where I need to buy a new snowboard, and am contemplating just going with skis and relearning what I've forgotten. Anyone else just ski for the mountains and surf for the waves?

  2. I found the same thing happened to me, but for an entirely different reason. Growing up in LA, I'd go snowboarding a couple of times each season. After moving to San Diego for college and learning how to surf, every winter season I would basically just look forward to the consistent surf. My trip planning revolved around surfing much more than snowboarding.

    Now I'm back in LA and the weekends are the only chance I get to surf. So instead of looking for powder on the mountains, I'm looking for swell. I do miss snowboarding though. Wish we would get some snowfall in the mountains to get me back!

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    Im with ya dude. Went snowboarding 2 days ago. Not quite the same, although it was still fun. More head injuries associated with snowboarding as well not to mention the lack of powder on this coast

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    been riding for 25 years. they only 2 things that are close to surfing are ridign pow which is rare and halfpipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillaKiel View Post
    More head injuries associated with snowboarding as well
    Yeah, but no shark attacks at least.

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    I've never snowboarded on the east coast, but from what I've seen in vids, it usually only snows a few inches per storm. Even if one wanted to go off trail, most resorts rope everything off/illegal and the trees are too tight anyhow.

    The mtns in LA are similar in that they rarely get real snow. Looking for powder, even in an LA "good year", still only means 6 to10 inches over a practically non-existent base...and it's so ungodly crowded, even that's tracked out within 30 minutes of opening.

    Being confined to icey/man made snow trails is more of a flat ride, like skateboarding. The only thing that comes close to that surfing feeling is snowboarding (not skiing) in multiple feet of powder and in varied terrain...and you're pretty much only going to get that on a consistent basis in the pacific northwest.

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    snowboardings cool too,surfings just more fun.a lot of pro bigwave surfers go snowboarding,some people do crazy stuff like jump onto trees off a mountain.surfing is the best way to connect with nature.i seen a commercial the other day,dont know for what,but someone was scuba diving and playing with an ipad underwater.really??is that where this world is going,playing candy crush while your supposed to be enjoying the reef.

    certain sports are just right for certain locations.if your inland near woods,u motocross.if your in the city,u skateboard or bike.if ur in the mountains,snowboarding suits.and if ur lucky enogh to live near the beach u surf.

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    Surfing put everything into 2nd place for me. Wakeboarding, snowboarding, wakesurfing, skiing, etc. etc. etc...After I caught my first wave I was hooked and it's been the #1 ever since. Never found anything like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    The only thing that comes close to that surfing feeling is snowboarding (not skiing) in multiple feet of powder and in varied terrain...and you're pretty much only going to get that on a consistent basis in the pacific northwest.
    That's the other problem. It's been a very dry winter here. It's all like east coast conditions right now in the Pacific NW. Just groomed ice...wouldn't even consider touching backcountry right now.

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    oops, I didn't even bother to check where you live...I just thought you were an east coaster, like most on here. Anyway then, yeah, you know exactly what I talking about. Snowboarding out of bounds in 2-3 feet of fresh snow over a 5 ft or so base is as close as one is going to get to the exhilaration of surfing...and it's actually very close.

    If you think it's bad up in oregon, we have it exponentially worse down here in california's sierra nevada. The glades are all melted and dry. Only thing we have is man made "snowh®" on a few trails. The only reason I'd go up in these conditions is to pick up my season pass (gonna lose money on that one) and/or try out a new groomer board.