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    Divorce lawyer. My office is five blocks from the beach here in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and I work maybe 40 hours a week on a bad week. House is half mile from the beach. Used to work for a huge firm in Manhattan and hated my life and never surfed. Made a lot of money, but almost had a nervous breakdown from the stress and maniacal senior partners. Took a pay cut originally, but now I make more as a partner at my firm, and my lifestyle is a 1000 times better. I surf every time there are waves, and I am getting back into competitive surfing, and loving life with our first child who is only 3 weeks old.

    Unsolicited advice....if you just graduated and you have no strings holding you down, make your move out west. If it doesn't work you can always come back. At a certain point you won't have that option anymore and you will kick yourself in the ass for not at least trying. My brother did the same thing with snowboarding, jumped from here to Park City and lived the high life for 8 years before coming back. I did a smaller version and spent two years living on the OBX after college, basically scrimping by but surfing my brains out.

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    I know more people that have graduated college and are now waiters, waitresses and landscapers then graduated and went on to do what they thought they were studying for. This is not just recent grads but people my age out of high school 35 years ago.

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    UGHHH! :(
    I play music for a "living". I actually do quite well, for a musician. I do wish I did better in high school but I was in a weird situation and music was all I was interested in at the time. But money isn't guaranteed and I usually have to sell a surfboard to buy another one. I almost never have more than two boards at a time. Long and short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    I know more people that have graduated college and are now waiters, waitresses and landscapers then graduated and went on to do what they thought they were studying for. This is not just recent grads but people my age out of high school 35 years ago.
    I think alot of that is caused by people expecting to make big bucks right out of school. the people who start with the lower paying jobs tend to do well since they work up the ladder.

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    Here's an observation that seems to hold true. I am good at many things, but great at none. If I had a deeper attention span, and if I could do it all over again I'd focus on one thing I love and become GREAT at it. My observation is that people who focus on one thing and become great at it always find a way to make plenty of money doing what they love.

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    I will give you one guess...

    I am currently a performance development engineer, working with diesel injection systems. Boring job, but I get to actually work in a lab most of the time.

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    I used to be a Repo Man. Seriously. Right out of college. Why did I become a Repo Man? Because I dug the freakin' movie! I used to pop cars and then drive off with the Repo Man Soundtrack playing in the cassette. I thought I was a bad a$$. I once popped a crawler loader (piece of heavy equipment) from a hillbilly in the mountains of Tennessee. Why am I bringing this up? When you are young, you can try all sorts of stuff and go where ever you want. Makes for an interesting life, which is what it is all about.

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    I own and work at a small group home for special needs individuals that sits about 20 steps from the ocean so basically anytime there's a decent wave I get to surf. I'm totally blessed (and thankful) to live at the beach, actually make a difference in someone's life and get to surf whenever. Getting paid tax-free is nice too My wife actually talked her company (robotics/sales) into working remote so she works from home which has been great for her and cool for me when the waves get really good it doesn't take much more persuasion than an ice cold beer for her to sit out front and snap a few pics during a slow day at the job. I really couldn't ask for a better setup.....knock on wood.....but it definitely hasn't always been this way.

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    Find where you want to live and then worry about the job. Work evenings to free up your days for surfing. Consider Florida east coast for weather and waves. California would be a tough nut to crack but southern Cal would be ideal. I'm a restaurateur but started as a cook/chef working evenings and eventually got my own place. You have to make sacrifices to make surfing part of your lifestyle. You only live once and it shouldn't be all work and no play...

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    Interesting thread...

    MadAtom, you're a jack of all trades, master of none! I'm the same way man. Used to think it was a bad thing but now that I'm a little older it makes me realize I can do just about anything. I also have the attention span of two year old!

    I did spend ten years of my life driving cross country with my wife. We owned our own tractor trailer and drove team. Pretty much lived in the truck for four months at a time and when we came back in town I would drop the wifey off and head out for a three week surf trip. Saved every dime we made (and we made very good money!) Spent almost $700,000 on a horse training facility in Florida. That was the wifes dream. Fast forward a year or so and now that the wife has her horses she doesn't need me anymore! So got a divorce and the wife got it all! Just now starting to get back on my feet and this time I'm doing it for ME! Gonna build up another nest egg and head south where the don't speak english and there's waves everyday!

    If I manage to find a girl who would like to follow my dreams then cool, if not, me, me, me, surf, surf, surf!

    Sorry for the pitiful story gang! It may take me a couple years but I promise I'll have a much better story!

    Any girls out there wanna live on a third world beach? LOL!!!

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