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    Interesting thread...

    MadAtom, you're a jack of all trades, master of none! I'm the same way man. Used to think it was a bad thing but now that I'm a little older it makes me realize I can do just about anything. I also have the attention span of two year old!

    I did spend ten years of my life driving cross country with my wife. We owned our own tractor trailer and drove team. Pretty much lived in the truck for four months at a time and when we came back in town I would drop the wifey off and head out for a three week surf trip. Saved every dime we made (and we made very good money!) Spent almost $700,000 on a horse training facility in Florida. That was the wifes dream. Fast forward a year or so and now that the wife has her horses she doesn't need me anymore! So got a divorce and the wife got it all! Just now starting to get back on my feet and this time I'm doing it for ME! Gonna build up another nest egg and head south where the don't speak english and there's waves everyday!

    If I manage to find a girl who would like to follow my dreams then cool, if not, me, me, me, surf, surf, surf!

    Sorry for the pitiful story gang! It may take me a couple years but I promise I'll have a much better story!

    Any girls out there wanna live on a third world beach? LOL!!!

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    i'm in the witness protection program, for what, i cannot tell you. my cover is living in a predominately elderly community in florida as a middle aged beach bum, you'd never know that i was once an international man of mystery. i go to the beach wearing flip flops and surf shorts, which are paid for by the government, and bring an old used longboard but i can't actually surf as its just a "cover". mostly watch girls in bikinis all day, of course only ones that are over 18.

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    Awesome stuff, sounds like most of you guys really got it all figured out! Thanks for some of the advice too! Really cool hearing it from people who have gone through the motions, with the same goal in mind, surf surf surf.

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    I'll give you the advice I gave my 21yr old. Find out what you want most in life and go for it...her passion is acting, and she's going for that. If your passion is surfing, look for a career and/or location that will let you do that as much as possible. If your passion is something else, then concentrate on that. If you work hard enough at it, it will sort out. And if it doesn't, you'll never look back and wish you tried, or tried harder. The saying "if you love your job you'll never work a day in your life" is true.

    Had a friend who was an engineer fresh out of college, had a good job, blah blah blah, but wasn't happy. She wanted to bail and travel the world. Everyone told her not to, except my wife and I. Told her to go for it, you only live once and nothing's holding you back. Eventually she ended up in Maui and has been there ever since. Surfs and fishes all the time and makes as much waiting tables at nice restaurant as she did as an engineer. She's happy now.

    Just be prepared to sacrifice and work for whatever you want. When you get old you realize that you really can do whatever you want in this world, it just takes a ton of discipline and effort to get there. And the time really does fly by, don't waste it...seems like yesterday I was graduating college and driving out west on I-90.

    A word on the left coast, it's expensive the economy is tough. Not gonna sugar coat it for you, but you may have to scrap and scrounge for a while. But if it's worth it go for it. Only get one ride on this merry-go-round. I tried Seattle for 3 years, but after 3 years of rain and working crap jobs and never having any money I decided NC ain't such a bad place to be. Moved back and met my soul mate, best move I ever made.

    Best of luck to you...

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    BTW - Guess I should answer the freaking question. I'm an IT sys admin for a corp in the Raleigh area. Not the best job, not the worst. Pays the bills and most nights I get home in time to see my girls. Not my passion though. We're lucky enough to have good friends in Wilmington that have an open door policy for us, but don't get down near enough and can't catch those early morning or eve weekday sessions. If it weren't for my daughter's school I'd move to Wilmington in a heartbeat. Gotta do what's best for her. I still catch myself looking at classifieds though...

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    Some more advice "live small". Don't get caught up in trying to out spend, out do, out build, the next guy. Spend as little money on housing as you can. Live in a small house, put your money in the bank and live free. Belongings weigh you down even when your in a place you are happy with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    Some more advice "live small". Don't get caught up in trying to out spend, out do, out build, the next guy. Spend as little money on housing as you can. Live in a small house, put your money in the bank and live free. Belongings weigh you down even when your in a place you are happy with.
    Print this & frame this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    Bro your gonna end up jackin it in San Diego
    Yeahhh !!!

    Best contextual post ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    Awesome stuff, sounds like most of you guys really got it all figured out!
    There was some good advice posted in here, but NOBODY has it all figured out, just keep that in mind and take the advice you get here with a grain of salt. One thing I see in common for the majority of people that posted is that they aren't 100% fulfilled with their jobs / careers (or even lives) and only do it because that's what is expected of them. I'm no different, I don't enjoy my job, but I do it because I gotta make money somewhere. I won't get into what I actually do because it really doesn't matter, it's just another job. Do yourself a favor and don't ever let a job, your house, your car, etc. be your identity. Life is not about what title you hold in the company you work for, and it certainly isn't about who has the biggest house or the coolest car.

    If you're lucky you'll do something that you truly LOVE and as a perk, you get paid enough to live. But that isn't the case for most people. If you have a superior talent at something then focus on that and hopefully you'll make a living from it. If you aren't extremely talented at something like that then do your best to find something that allows you enough free time to do the things that you love to do the most, which for most here I would think would be surfing.

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    I've had a ton of jobs and realized that I was never going to make decent money doing something I loved. I had to come the realization that I was either going to make crap $ doing what I liked or good money doing what I did not like...
    I ended up getting a sales position at a large medical supply manufacturer... I now make very good money and have the best of both worlds. I make my own schedule and work out of my car. If there's waves I surf... And I can travel as much as I want.

    My advice is keep your options open. Try as much as you can until you find the right thing for you.

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