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    Grovelers and back pain?

    Since around early August, except for a few days of good swell on a 6', I've been pretty much exclusively riding a 5'9". This is around 5-7 days every week, for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours or so. Around the same time I started having some pretty severe back pain, to the point where I was popping a hydrocodone and/or flexorall every other day. This was on top of 2 days of Yoga a week. I just chalked it up to the years and the mileage and kept shrugging off the wife's insistence to "go see a doctor" or her cousin the chiropractor. It was really mushy yesterday and I decided that for a change of pace I’d take out a longboard instead of the 5’9”. I got out of the water feeling pretty good. The day went on and I kept feeling fine. This morning the back pain’s gone or at least almost, much less than it’s been in weeks! Not what I was expecting, so I started thinking about if it was because of the change up in boards and if so what was I doing with the MegaMind that I wasn’t with the longboard? The answer was that I have to greatly increase the arch of back to keep the nose of the 5’9” out of the water while paddling. That’s all I can think of anyway. The short boards I’ve ridden my whole life have always run in the 6’-4” to 6’8” range. Even when I was teenager. I know that I don’t arch my back as much on them as I do on the 5’9"or even the 6'. It wasn’t until just the last couple of years that I got on the whole shorter, wider board band wagon. Anybody else experience this kind of problem with boards that are much shorter than your standard HPSB?
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