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    Cádiz is a sick place. I went there a few years back before I was surfing and it's a classic small Spanish port town. Down to earth and way laid back. You better know some Español there and the dialect is much different than most any we've heard or learn here in the states. Flew into Jerez. Some awesome beaches in PDSM and they're sans tops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja323 View Post
    Thanks for all the responses.

    I forgot to add Panama to the options. Will look into DR and Barbados. ( Just checked Barbados. Looks nice, but dont really see the prices for accommodations that I would like. Seems to be $125+ a night)

    Would really like to pick one location. Last time I did the border crossing from CR to NIC and it was a pain, and I wasnt even carrying boards.

    I dont need much nighlife. But would be nice if there was even a little bar to kill some time at. Nightclubs and happening scene would be nice, but not necessary
    That being said, I'd bag the DR: surf isn't that great there, and the trade winds kill it all too often.

    Also might want to bag Barbados unless you know it will be firing when you're there. Yes, the island usually has swell somewhere but it can go small-to-flat for extended periods of time. And everything on Barbados, except the fish sandwiches at Oistins, is pricey.

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    Thanks for all the replies! Keep em coming. lol.

    After looking at Barbados it looks really nice, but I am thinking I will save that for a trip with my family where surfing isnt the main priority.

    To the guy who said I can do Morocco better with a rental car on my own. I am really not trying to drive anywhere and find breaks by myself. I would rather stay at a spot in front of or walking distance to the breaks, or at a place where they take me over and know where to go.

    Puerto rico is still on the table. can anyone give me places to stay that I can google and look up that are close to breaks for intemediates, or even fun small waves. PR and Philipines I have not excluded yet. I love exotic girls with dark skin, and I love Asian girls. LOL, so I will def give both spots attention.

    Peru is another location I forgot to mention. That could be a possibility. I prefer warm water and sun, but it isnt too cold there, plus I have been meaning to see Macchu picchu for years, so I may be able to kill two birds with one trip.

    So far the easiest seems to be SJDS and CR. CR being about $300 more since I would have to fly to Liberia.

    A brief search looks like this for flights. Panama, San Jose, Managua, and Puerto Rico- $600ish , Liberia $900, Peru/Morocco/Phillipines- $1300+

    There is always hawaii, but not sure with the locals and if there are places to surf for my level on the different islands, plus I like to visit other countries and lodging I think would be much cheaper at the other destinations.

    I looked into the Playa Grande Inn that was posted on the last page. Looks good. If the price is right it looks to be better than Hotel Las tortugas in playa grande

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    Note if you go to Peru you will be surfing the spots lobitos and north since you will be in north swell season. This means warm water and sunny weather / no wet tie but less consistent. Mancora is a great party town lots of hot ties and some of this northern spots get insane on a huge nw swell ..... Cabo blanco,. Peru is awesome and cheap once you get there. PR is great but can be crowded and flat as heck.....but still awesome . IMO nic a is great but not for nightlife besides sjds. Dr has great partying but can be very flat. Bocas in panama is awesome for partying and that's prime swell season so go there !!!!!

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    Virgina Beach.