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    Favorite surf movie

    I just saw 'five summer stories' for the first time. It has changed my life. I'm actively looking for a single fin and a pair of short shorts. And a babe with a droopy bottom bikini.

    5'5 19 1/4 was also pretty sweet.

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    nice, have to say searching for Tom Curren, one of the best flicks made to date

    his one legged top turn / tail bust out?....soooooo ahead of its time

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    here's Tom Curren's bit from 5'5
    so good

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    You gotta figure this is one of the most influential surf movies ever made. How many guys ditched their long boards for a sweet 7'6" single fin "shortboard"? I sported a puka shell necklace at the age of 12 ( circa 1972), and lusted for long haired hippy chicks in french bikinis ( who didn't?). How bout Reno! He was The Man at the '75 Smirnoff held in huge surf. Totally "primo" footage with that Uncle Cid kinda feeling. Thanks for the trip bro!

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    North Shore all the way! He so Haole he don't even know he's Haole! Nah for real I would say either 5 Summer Stories or Ride a White Horse, Last Hope or maybe Bustin Down the Door.

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    shelter & litmus were both pretty influential for me...both helped me break out of the chippy thruster mold & look at other designs.
    searching for tom curren is right up there as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post
    North Shore all the way! He so Haole he don't even know he's Haole! Nah for real I would say either 5 Summer Stories or Ride a White Horse, Last Hope or maybe Bustin Down the Door.
    You guys know I love North Shore. Cheesy as it is. What do you expect from the mid-80's? Nia Peeples, so hot for 1987. I'm headed back to AZ next weekend and would love the GPS coordinates of Rick's comp wave pool. I swear I saw Chandler killing it at Little Compton RI in July on a LB, and he seems to have not aged in nearly 30 years!

    Bustin Down the Door is so good. How the Aussies talk about surfing 8+ hours a day with the intent to be the best there was, that just pumps you up. Then when it gets gnarl how they were held captive in the hotel and only allowed to surf certain times and breaks. B.A.

    The middle 3 that rcarter mentions, haven't seen those but I'll have to because I'll watch any surf film. No matter how long or short, good or bad. I will watch any surf film. Even Blue Crush 2, no homo. Gotta watch them all. Every last one of them. Those 3 he notes are probably far better than low-end though.

    All the stand-by flicks are great like Big Wednesday. Point Break we all know is immortal. Riding Giants and Step Into Liquid are of course keepers and great documentaries. LOD is at least part surf film and has to be included in any respectable video anthology. In God's Hands gets a lot of crap but I think it's great, especially all the DOH walls young Shane tears up.

    Drift is a new one that everyone should see and for the critics of Chasing Mavs, I'd love to see them have the same criticism of Drift. Had a great plot, acting, and solid budget to support all facets of production and quality. Chasing Mavs I will watch any day, if nothing else than to see a 49-year ripe Elisabeth Shue still look smoking and in a Leaving Las Vegas type of way.

    For shorts, No Filter is my favorite, especially since it's hard to find top notch goofy footage. Any Taylor Steele is good in my book and Stranger Than Fiction is his best. It's a superb mix of satirical comedy, epic footage of so many top dudes, and dope soundtrack. Fair Bits is a keeper as we know. Need more AI in flicks.

    Thicker Than Water and September Sessions are on my list of need to watch. Gonna have to buy them since I can't find them on the web or On-Demand.

    Storm Chaser series is great and those frothing brahs are something else.

    Several of the others mentioned in this thread are ones I've not seen and sound to be on the documentary end with specific angles on surfing that are well worth watching.

    Gotta see the Curran flick!

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    Curren, not Curran, goddammit!

    Tim Curran is a douchey hipster while Tom Curren is the mysto man, riding a board without your sponsor (or any) logo in the Haleiwaa contest?! what a mad c*nt!

    Ive also seen lost at sea over 300 times, but who is counting
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    Two completely different era's, but Morning of the Earth has some awesome surfing and footage, and RunMan 69 take me right back to my youth, all punk rock, insane surfing and skating hijinx.

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    Shelter, the seedling and sprout, siestas and olas are my favorites. Riding giants and step into liquid are both cool but are more documentary like. The endless summer is a classic. Also has anyone seen surfs up? That Disney movie with surfing penguins. For a child's movie it's pretty on point from a surfing point of view.