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This may be my longest post on this forum, so I hope it serves some purpose to all the 458 locals on here. This is our beach! Remember to vote for me when my time comes. DL is out!
absolutely. nice to hear the reflections of a thinking voter. i tend to get most of my voting information from some good friends who work at Town Hall, and have close contact with the various council critters...and while there are unquestionably some self-serving jackasses in town government, there are also some people who work hard to make CB a great place to live. i volunteer for most of the PI Chamber of Commerce events and constantly amazed at how much hard work and good planning goes into things like the boardwalk, Thursday night fireworks, Sunday movies at the lake, the Chowder Cook-off, Beach Music Festival, Seafood Blues & Jazz Fest (tomorrow!), Tuesday Family nights etc etc etc - all of these things happen because of the Chamber and like-minded people on the Town Council.