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    Longboard building

    I've been really interested in buying a log for a while. I've owned boards up to 8,4'' but i really want a noserider. I've been looking around for something used for a while and everything is super expensive, even craigslist is 500$+. I've found that the cheapest way is basically to build my own. I know it'll be pretty hard but a really amazing experience at the same time. Does anyone have any advice on building or possibly where to find a low-priced board before i start getting serious about shaping?

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    pm sent....

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    greenlight surf supply has everything you need and they have videos and a mentoring program for beginning shapers also if you keep an eye on craigslist for long enough youll find one

  4. Yeah I have also used Greenlight surf supply videos many times. This is a good suggestion... Dyldo you can take a lot of help from there.

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    Hey Dylo

    That's why were here, to help you save money on boards and increase your stoke level by surfing boards you built. Nothin' like it.
    Check out our Surfboard Building Guide A-Z and feel free to contact us if you have questions or need anything.
    All the best

    Shape Your Surfing Experience

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    Thanks guys i looked into greenlight a good amount and i'm actually interested in building a wood board. What do you suggest as far as time, materials needed, and difficulty between foam and wood?

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    Greenlight isn't a bad way to go, but if you are serious and really want to build a masterpiece then I would highly recommend "Grain Surfboards". These boards are sweeeeet!!! I say we have a forum board build-off using the Grain materials, or we could all build Grain boards and have a surf contest to see who's board performs the best.

    Here's the link guys to Grain, at the very least check it out they got some killer boards and kits to build....

    Hey Dyldo... I've shaped many boards and though I'm not a pro shaper I can tell you that its not an easy feat. When you build your first board you usually have some costly mistakes. Just a blank is $75 and if you mess it up you're out that money. Some stuff can be fixed or corrected. Setting fins is a pain in the buttocks the first 500 times! One place I made a big mistake when shaping my first board was that you keep picking up the board to feel it and make sure that's the dimensions and shape etc... that you want. However where I went wrong was that I didn't account for cloth and resin when holding and feeling the board to kind of gauge thickness and width and how the rails were. The board was exactly what I wanted.... before I glassed it! After I glassed it I now had a board that was way bigger and thicker all the way around!

    Anyway.... I think the GRAIN surfboard kits would be easier for you to work with than trying to build a board from a Greenlight kit. I also think you will be much more impressed with the end result.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyldo View Post
    Thanks guys i looked into greenlight a good amount and i'm actually interested in building a wood board. What do you suggest as far as time, materials needed, and difficulty between foam and wood?
    My biggest issue with building a wooden longboard is that wood over 8 ft is harder to find and more expensive. Usually there's more waste too. You can definitely piece together your stringer and edge glue your deck depending on how you do it. I imagine the rails would be a pain using pieces shorter than your total length.

    I'd recommend building a smaller HWS first if you want to use wood. There is significantly more work that goes into a HWS than tweaking a foam blank.

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    I posted a link to Grain surfboards above. If you check out the site you can go through the different board building packages they offer depending on what you want to build. They will provide you with all the materials so you aren't going to have to sweat it trying to find wood or anything for that matter. Yes you will need to have a few tools and a work space to build the board. There was a guy who posted on their customer comments section and said he built the thing in his apartment living room!

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    If it's your first board try a foam shortboard/funboard/egg first. Longboards are far more expensive to shape and your first boards are usually pretty unrefined. It's easy to make mistakes when you're a novice at anything and that's a lot of cheddar to shell out for something you might not be as pleased with at the end as with what a competent shaper would produce. Also, if you've never shaped a board and don't have someone who's looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do, having a finished board that's close to what you're trying to shape really helps to have around as a model. Try to get one of your buddies with a longboard (if that's what you're set on shaping for your first board) to bring it around when you're shaping, it'll help. Helps you keep in mind what a surfboard really looks like.

    Lastly in regards to cost, I don't think you're factoring in the cost of the tools required to shape a board.
    Sandpaper (lots of sandpaper)
    Shaping stands
    trim plane

    I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but that's the bare minimum. You could get away without the planer and shape it all by surform; but that's a lot of work I hear. I've never done it.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from shaping a board, I think everybody should give it a whirl; but a 9'8"Y blank runs about 150$ plus tax out the door. Another 75 in resin and what, 70$ in glass (10yds there abouts) and it costs close to 300$ to shape and glass a longboard. Add up the cost of those tools and you're looking at another 150$ without the planer and if you build your own stands.

    Your first board will come in around 400$ - $500 when all's said and done. $300-$400 for a shortboard. I don't know how much it would cost to shape a wooden board other than balsa; but a balsa longboard usually runs around 500$-600$ in just lumber. Never done one myself, but that's the quote I got last time I priced it out.
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