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Recently a group of high school seniors were axed: How many of youse plan to get married and how many of youse plan to have children?

Practically everybody raised their hands.

Then they were axed: WHY?

Not one of them had an answer. Looky here, I am not against the family man nor am I insulting them. Some people are destined for that stuff. However, people just assume that you go to school, get a job, socialize at happy hour, date a bim, engage the bim, marry the bim, buy a home, and then have kids........

They do it like it's a script they HAVE TO follow. As Neil and Geddy said..."growing up it all seems so one-sided/opinions all provided/the future pre-decided/detached and subdivided/in the mass production zone/ no where is the dreamer or the misfit so alone" I'm a misfit and a dreamer.

God, Neil has a mind, and he's all Canadian and shoot. Anyway, this society has basically wrote a script for people to follow, and if you don't adhere to it, you're "lost." And this script is based upon superficial BS. Yes, some people are destined for each other, and they get along great, forever. But many people settle just to fit in with societal norms and expectations. People don't listen to their heart.

And the world is obsessed with material possessions. It's a game: Get a bigger house than the Jones'....a bigger SUV and send your kids to a better school........and collect as much crap as you can buy. Why would anyone spend $50,000 on a friggin piece of jewelry? What does a piece of jewelry do for someone except satisfy some superficial, crass desire.

Much of what people place importance on in this world just don't matter. Society has created a paradigm tricking people into believing that they do. Really people, the people you probably get along most with are those you keep at a certain distance..... You don't get too intimate and don't cross certain boundaries. How many people have you been close friends with for years......people always do something to break the ties. Parents are the only people you can really trust and even that doesn't hold true. So many bad parents out there.

Nothing matters except waves, weed and dogs.......and hopefully your family. Hey PJ, I never said I was anti-family. Look I encounter so many of my old friends who married and had kids and they are sooooo jealous of my freedom. Yeah really. They don't say it but I can tell. All I'm saying is that marriage and kids isn't mandatory.
The kids didn't know why because: A) they are programmed to assume that's what a successful life entails and B) Not many people their age think things through. I never planned what happened in my life, it kinda just happened. I didn't plan to enjoy surfing as much as I do. I didn't plan on going to prison, I didn't plan on not wearing a condom and producing 3 mini-Chavez clones. As I stated before, don't think, just do.
PJB, if your break is messed up, mine is doing pretty good at mid-tide with these east/northeast swells. It's better at low tide in the Summer. It was closed out at low tide every day through this last round of waves we got. You know where it is. Cruise on down. You'll have a peak all to yourself. No one is there during the week.