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    quite astute doug, well said, the time of their control will draw to a close, it is inevitable, value will be seen in growing things in the earth and time with loved ones, the dollar's illusion is getting thin

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    That was a lovely story, Za Gaf. I'll always tune in to stories like that. They always have my attention. Always......

    My school in Ventura County, Maple Elementary, which is part of the Conejo Valley Unified School District, had three occasions where large gopher snakes were on the property. I knew a kid, K. Wolfe, who'd catch all sorts of snakes in the foothills.

    Conejo means "rabbit" in Spanish....I think. Rabbit Valley.....pretty cool, huh?

    I swear, I've been this close .... to just walking westward in the past few years. Phases and sudden moods don't last this long. Something is telling me to get out of Jersey. There's nothing left here for me now but bad memories and inferior surf spots(inferior both in comparision to other locations, and how they used to be 20 years ago......aww man Harvey Cedars in 1989....yeah)

    Though I have upset punk-angst Thousand Oaks resident, Dale J, the other week. Man, people just don't get me. I wrote something aboot age and relevancy and he got all offended. He thinks he's "anti-mainstream" though he has a 9-5, a wife, a kid, and a mortgage......and he's 41. Anyways, I don't care that he didn't like the piece, and I started messing with him, yapping aboot Tu Pac's time in Baltimore and how I'm a cracker who blasts crackers who don't like my writings.

    Just nonsense......and he Bannned me from contact. He was my only hope out west.

    I don't know......people so touchy these days........the terrorists have won........Oh yo, Gaffer, do you know any middle-aged chicks named, "Genevive?"

    I'm not upset at family guys.....I'm upset at FAMILY GUY because me and some guy in Belgium(simultaneously) started saying, " Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty," for no apparent rhyme or reason. And that McFarlane guy copied us.

    If you were in a band, and created a riff and do you know some dude in Finland didn't come up with the same riff two years ago?

    Man, strange things.......two of these sentences just rearranged themselves in this post. Up and moved.......