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    Looking to move to Hawaii

    i am looking to move to hawaii once my lease is up in march. ive been out there for a week visiting a friend in diamond head on oahu. i liked the area but really liked north shore and lanikai. theres no way i can afford either of those spots. you guys know any cool spots with a similar feel to those areas that have good surf majority of the year and is affordable? open to anywhere in hawaii

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    Big Island would probably be the cheapest.

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    Get a job first or have a marketable skills. No sense moving here and then working three jobs just to make ends meet.

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    My roommate and a couple buddies got hammered at crushfest about 6 months ago and drunkenly decided to buy a one way ticket that night to Hawaii. They progressed from living on the beach in hammocks, to a couple beater vans that both broke down, and now are living in an apartment in Maui and sounds like there having a blast. Surprisingly, they said it was pretty easy to find work, as long as you were actually willing to work while there. Doesn't really help much with location though, but if they can pull it off, anyone can.

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    just go
    figure it out
    if you have any gumption you will make it

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    Go n just have fun. Everyone else does. Shoulda, coulda, woulda? Live it n have good memories

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    newport beach
    windward side is probably has the nicest neighborhoods, but if you are looking for cheap the westside is your best option. Has a reputation of theft though

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    thanks guys. ive been working in nyc for the past 3 years and looking to change up my lifestyle so i can surf more and enjoy the outdoors. i plan on working and not bumming around, but if i dont do this now i will never do it

    thanks for the heads up...any other advice is greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by surf_squan1219 View Post
    but if i dont do this now i will never do it
    I've never been to Hawaii, but I've made risky moves in my life: moving to a new town without a job lined up, quitting a job with no prospects simply because I hated it, changing careers, etc. Every time I made one of those decisions, the last thought I had was "but if I don't do this now, I will never do it."

    If you're savvy, smart, and willing to work whatever job you need to take, follow your gut. Whenever I really wanted to make something work, things seem to fall into place for me in time. As people have said here, what you want to do has been done before. Might not be easy, but it's doable.

    You ain't gettin' any younger. Go for it. Worst that happens is you can't find work and have to move back...and regardless you'll still have an adventure to remember and cool stories to tell.

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    pros- near constant surf (a summer on NS is better than a summer on EC) surf/tiny bikinis/weather/seafood/multiple 'coasts' and town or country life, depending on your choice

    cons- brazzos and lots of military 'bros' driving up rent prices