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    I think it's a good thing you're doing Son. Having lived in Brevard Co. For a few years, there definitely is a "rough" culture in a lot of areas. Most places all the rich people live next to the beach. Around Cocoa and Sat beaches there's a lot of low income areas and dirty vagrants mulling about. Strip clubs, dirty bikers, drunk enlisted guys, drugs, and typical FL Jimmy Buffet wannabe alcoholics are everywhere. Giving kids a positive outlet amongst all that can be life saving.

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    I'm not really religious at all, but I respect the JESUS warning in the post, and think what you're doing is a great thing. Regardless of the spiritual nature of the thing, seems like you are doing some good for kids. Keep on keepin on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post

    Son Followers Ministry from another persons perspective. Anyone looking to join this cause of surfing and JESUS contact Wayne for more info.
    Good for you man.Props to you.Keep the positive vibes flowing.

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    Awesome! Keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    I'm not really religious at all, but I respect the JESUS warning in the post, and think what you're doing is a great thing. Regardless of the spiritual nature of the thing, seems like you are doing some good for kids. Keep on keepin on.
    It's all about serving/loving others. Christ came to serve. We follow what he did for us. We follow Christ

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    There must not be any surf since Jesus is back on the forum marketing himself and giving himself pats on the back. Not sure the intention of the forum is for marketing purposes, but I'll keep it in mind next time I need to "get my name and biz out there" and promote, promote, promote. You know Jesus was a capitalist right? The only two Jesus surfers I know are shameless self promoters and mean spirited ego-maniacs. Remember to never expect an ounce of honesty or humility from surfer Jesus or any Jesus out there except for Hey-Zeuss, of course.

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    i support it man, keep on spreading the good word and stoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    I know you're drunk but this is a pretty ignorant post. Jump on the hate wagon. Wayne got an attaboy from a secular news source, he must be doing something right. The actions of the past have no bearing on the actions of the future. Wayne is no more responsible for effects of his religion to native populations than I am for effects being a white guy in the south to the black population.
    True, Clemson; A belief system does not necessarily instill current subscribers with the guilt of it's history.

    To elaborate; as we continue spinning on this evermore trashed blue marble, the subscribers of all belief systems should examine history, and their actions in the name of that history, so that they might prevent the repetition of past physical and spiritual destruction through raping and pillaging. However this is often, unfortunately, considered a moot point due to 'arguments' like yours, i.e. 'I don't own slaves.'

    I assure you I am neither ignorant nor jumping on the hate wagon. This was me trying to throw Wayne a bone. There's some positivity in what he's doing and I commend that. But, at some point, as you approach indoctrination, you're doing more harm than good. Indoctrination and fundamentalism are the reasons that the positivity in belief systems are overshadowed by the horrors their members perpetrate. The freedom of Capitalism, Islam's emphasis on education, the socialist givings of Christianity, and the unity of Fascism have all been trumped by the silence of their indoctrinated drones in the face of unspeakable atrocities. Please try to remember that these atrocities are not tokens of a long distant past; they haunt us on a daily basis in the form of fundamentalist terrorist attacks and the sexual molestation of innocent children.

    So, yes, institutionalized slavery is a thing of the past in our country. But we should still keep our eyes on the shepherds; for thy sheep may be unchained, but that doth not prevent thine lambs from being f**ked by a priest.

    I just want to know if shepherd Son Follower Wayne considers these things. I know his christian-surf-clone factory's main goal is to spread church doctrine. I'm just wondering how fundamentalist the operation is. You are all correct in seeing the positivity of teaching kids to surf for free. But your heads remain up your pseudo-christian behinds over the dangers in it. Support independent communities like Stoked Mentoring, who use surfing and skating to encourage youth development without forcing them to pray or change into wetsuits together.

    SON FOLLOWER WAYNE... what would you do if a troubled homosexual youth showed up at your seminar on Sunday?

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    You know....I've been hearing alot of pro-Indian stuff lately, like, all over the place, man. Listen, if you like "Native Americans" so much then go out to Montana on the reservations and throw them a bone.

    In some areas, the stores that matter are closed due to laws of blueness. Those Indians drink Lysol. Some towns, the drunk tanks are crazy with dudes passed-out piled on top of each other.

    If Jesus wanted this continent to remain in Indian control, He would have let them destroy the European. True that. Some Canadians say Europeans were in Canada before the Washington Redskins

    I find it interesting that so many people hate Jesus on this site, especially considering the large southern population. This site is funny......isn't it? Like, people get all upset that Mr. Wayne talks some Jesus. What's wrong with that? 60% of the threads on here are the same old stuff....recycled and recycled.

    Many people think the human is some special form of life more powerful than Jesus. Ha, you fools. Yes, Charles Darwin, this is all evolution and the universe came from nothing and only houses one planet that supports life. Right........And humans were monkeys and evolved yet no other species has evolved either. We're pretty complex with many feelings and emotions for such an impersonal robotic evolution.

    I discussed Dawinism with a half-black woman once. I didn't have the heart to tell her that Darwin considered women and blacks inferior beings............ I don't know anything aboot Darwinism except the few things I do know.

    Yo, we can go to Alaska and sell pints for $ 50 -$100 bucks, man. These villages out on the frontiers have banned alcohol, though 85% of the residents are drunk. Eskimos have certain biological characteristics associated with alcohol. But really, we can sell the booze for crazy profits. I need some investment capital for inventory and a skiff(lots of water travel). Jesus, do you people have nay adventure in youse or what. So, who is with me? Let's sell some booze.

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    I am a Christian. A Christian is supposed to try to be like Jesus. I am commanded by God "Love one another." Jesus did not do what this guy does. He is the opposite of Jesus. A wolf in sheep's clothing.