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    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    Thanks Erock and Hanna. Sounds like I can hit up the Green Room and check out the Whiskey Fish and get some good advice. Looks like I got some leg work to do this weekend.

    Green Room Boys, are you open on Sat? And where is the retail shop? I could hit that before heading towards CB.
    Don't know their hours but it's at the corner of south kerr and south college. If you're comin in from I-40 it will be right on your way to CB

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    Another vote for Eavey. His boards are the shiznit! Also for longboards or more throwback styles check out Will Allison's boards.

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    +1 for Eavey, Got a hybrid fish made by him a few years back and it is still the funnest board in my quiver. Hit me up on PM if you want his cell #. I went to CB surfshop a few weeks back and they have a lot of cool stuff and the sales woman was really friendly. I usually go to sweetwater and work with Jason...he's awesome and you cant beat their selection of boards.

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    Drew McDaniel is a great shaper in the area. Havoc surfboards.

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    Thanks banman and rcarter.

    Blackfish - I got his number off the website, thanks though. Hopefully I can check out all these guys when I'm down this weekend.

    JackTheBear - thanks for the rec, if I have time Sat I will check Drew out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post
    Also for longboards or more throwback styles check out Will Allison's boards.

    I feel like a complete B====D for forgetting to mention Will--he's a long-time family friend, my mom doesn't ride anything but his boards. Aussie Island stocks his shapes.