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    buoy 44065

    Whats the deal - is it going to be recording wave information again?

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    same deal with # 44025, south of Islip. all we have left on LI is # 44017 south of Montauk. maybe the government should cut back just a little bit on the space program to get these buoys up and running again on mother earth. what a bunch of screwballs. just thinkin' out loud. you know, before it becomes a safety issue.

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    I confirmed today that the buoys are out of service with no timeline for restoration of service due to the lack of funding due to the sequestration cuts. Got this info via twitter directly from a NOAA meteorlogist who tweeted this out:

    GarySzatkowski 1:33pm via Web
    Hey, no one is happy about it. No timeline due to sequestration. Gift that keeps on giving.

    So, write or call your Congressman (or woman). Ridiculous

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    Thats really unfortunate I used the buoy all the time. Im suprised no one else has brought it up or b*tched about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bags of jay View Post
    Thats really unfortunate I used the buoy all the time. Im suprised no one else has brought it up or b*tched about it.
    I was *****in' about my two buoys a while back, two threads on the subject:

    Is this a third world country yet, or what?

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    Has anyone else noticed 44065 going intermittently wacko the last few months?

    Today it is once again delivering strange readings. All other regional buoys are reading 4-5 feet at 5-6 seconds. 44065 is reporting 3 feet at 11 seconds.

    If you go back through the mornings regional readings, 44065 has intermittently reported this. It's at 5 seconds, then at 11 seconds, then back at 5. 44091 also has the occasional 11 second reading. These readings are due E while the short period swell is due more S.

    So what do you guys think? Is there a stealth underreported E swell? Or are 44065 and 44091 reporting erroneously?

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    44097 still down too

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    the gov't is spending all their money on chem trails and vaccines to make us retarded. No $ left over for buoys :/

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    Christopher Columbus didn't have buoys. I'm just sayin