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Thread: 5'8 Coil M80

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    5'8 Coil M80

    5'8 Coil m80 bump squash. Shaped by Mike Daniels. 5'8 x 19.75 x 2 3/8 futures tri setup and famous traction. Excellent shape. $450 Located in RI but can ship Greyhound pretty cheap.
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    I gotta ask man, cause that's a nice quiver albeit of similar boards; but why u sellin em? Too small for me, otherwise I'd be all over the Coil or the HS. Gettin 5'10's?

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    I'm interested. But as the other post mentioned, why are you selling?

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    He hates surfing now since his break is overrun by banner-waving kooks thanks to the BreakNoMore surf app. Now available for iOS and Android.

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    pretty boards. wanna trade for a 6'0 lost rocket in pretty good shape??

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    Selling because I have been riding only 2 boards lately and everytime I ride something else I wish I was on something else. Really love this board but figured I should sell so someone doesn't have to wait 4 months for a coil, I would've bought a used before I ordered and had to wait.

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    Nice grass!

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    board has sold