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Thread: New to surfing

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    After you learn on this it will still be fun to keep around and ride once you add a shortboard to your quiver. Either a 7'6" or 7'4" would be a decent place to start- and it's re-sale value will hold up better than the other board you've looked at. (This is coming from my perspective of 50 years in the water riding Long, then short, then long again; guns, funboards, mini-guns, fish, dumpster divers, sponges for a time, step-decks, flex tails, Bonzers, Performers, Propper Models, and now Channin mini-longboards and 7'6" thrusters. '68-'72 Weber Team OCMD) It's just about putting in the necessary water-time. Don't go cheap, but buy a good board with decent volume, clean lines and a good reputation for build quality. You'll be glad you did. Let shape and dimensions/floatation take priority over graphics, and then if you want to burn extra cash, browse the graphics.
    Now THIS is a fun board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42
    this company is run by a pair of massive kooks, luc & holly stokes.
    Njsurfer42 is absolutely right. Although they are getting a few boards made locally by Bill Minard, they are essentially just middle men/women who are flogging surfing for a dollar. Please don't give them your hard earned cash.

    You chose in my IMO a perfect sized board to learn on, spend a year or two on the right hybrid/funboard and you'll have really solid fundamentals. Just remember to look both ways before you take off and don't drop in and you'll be fine. I see you'r in SoCal, if I might offer some suggestions (if you're not in San Diego I can offer some good OC, LA and Ventura Co shapers too):

    This board may seem shorter than you were thinking, but it has a tremendous amount of volume, this is the biggest one I've ever seen, if I were to ride one I would get it a whole foot shorter, I give you the biggest Von Sol Supershadow in the world:
    7' Von Sol Epoxy Shadow quad surfboard like new! - $460 (North County)

    It's epoxy too, perfect for a beginner your size. Won't ding and you'll progress super fast. You can buy em new at Surfy Surfy, Surfride and Hansens.

    If you're stuck on a 7'6", Wave Weapons in Oceanside makes some excellent fun/hybrid shapes, this one's a steal:
    7'6" Wave Weapons Epoxy Surfboard - $350 (oceanside)

    Gary Hanel makes nice hybrids and Jon Kies at Encinitas Surfboards makes great 7 odd foot boards; Larry Ricci, ACE and Rob Prodonavich at SouthCoast surfshop in PB and OB, the list goes on and on.

    Anyway, welcome to surfing, please don't give your money to the Chinese and beat it kook.

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    looks like a cool shape. I would shred the sh*t out of that...if it was 6 foot or shorter. Seems to me if that shape were actually 7'6", it would be so massively wide, you wouldn't be able to fit it under your arm or carry it anywhere.

    I started out on an old 70s single fin pin tail that was a couple feet taller than me and very floaty. However, it was all shortboards after that.

    You can start out on a shortboard, but the learning curve is longer. Personally, I don't think longboards (or even funboards, for that matter) are that much easier to learn on. They're easier to paddle, easier to stand up on and you can catch the smallest/weakest little waves, but controlling them, in general, is an entirely different skill set than on a shorty and they're actually even more dangerous in larger, you never learn to duck dive at all.
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    If you are in good shape, get a 6'8" -7' fun shape about 2 3/4" thick. You will have plenty of float, lots of maneuverability, and it should be able to duck dive if the nose is not too wide and thick. I made a 7'6" funshape, and wanted it to shred, but it surfs like a longboard. I started on a 7' single fin and it surfed and duck dived like a shortboard. I think once you get over 7' you start to lose the shortboard feeling of leaning into a turn and burying a rail and then quickly releasing it. Plus you will learn to surf good waves faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Buy a new or used 9' soft top longboard.
    Worst advice ever. Learning on a softop is like learning how to drive a car with a scooter.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys. ZaGaffer -- I'm not actually in california. I had to pick a surf area when i signed up and pensacola florida was not an option. I live right outside New Orleans and I plan to drive to pensacola every other weekend to practice surfing. I'm planning a surf trip to California next April and I didnt want to go there without any experience. Waves in pensacola are not too bad for a bigginner, just inconsistent wind swell. That being said, I love the board you posted as well as the Stewart board as well. But I cant drive out to Cali to pick one up. So at the moment my options are limited to websites that ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RHCPxx311 View Post
    live right outside New Orleans and I plan to drive to pensacola every other weekend to practice surfing.....So at the moment my options are limited to websites that ship.
    florida is loaded with decent surf shops. why don't you just pick one up on pensacola? or hit one on the way? that would be a much better option than picking up an online gsi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    florida is loaded with decent surf shops. why don't you just pick one up on pensacola? or hit one on the way?
    do this. there MUST be shops in pensacola or nearby that have beginner-friendly, non-kooktastic chinese crapola available.

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    I learned on a used 7'6" which was tippy and a bit advanced for me. Then I got a used 8' Walden which is great for my size. I'd start with a used board.

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    New guy my advice is to go and buy something very big and very buoyant, you will need this extra volume to learn about wave placement, timing, pop up, and so much more. Plus once u get confident with moving a big board around you will ind that downsizing will feel cool and be pretty easy.

    You will catch more waves and get more surfing experience on something big. I'd go with a makaha 10-9 or a 9 footer from Donald T in the pink. Or maybe a al merick performer 9 ' or maybe a Robert August long board. Just don't buy a bic whatever you do and don't go short board ish.