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Thanks for all the advice guys. ZaGaffer -- I'm not actually in california. I had to pick a surf area when i signed up and pensacola florida was not an option. I live right outside New Orleans and I plan to drive to pensacola every other weekend to practice surfing. I'm planning a surf trip to California next April and I didnt want to go there without any experience. Waves in pensacola are not too bad for a bigginner, just inconsistent wind swell. That being said, I love the board you posted as well as the Stewart board as well. But I cant drive out to Cali to pick one up. So at the moment my options are limited to websites that ship.
See, this is what I get for being helpful. Put the tape back on the daiquiri lid, wipe the crawfish juice off'n your shirt and for Gawd sakes update your profile. Go into settings and for region, put Florida Panhandle or Mobile, Alabama and for location put Fat City, or the Big Easy, N'awlins or New Orleans. Don even bother buyin a surfboard, trust me, it's a waste of money. You're gonna use it maybe 6 times the first year and after that, not so much. Just buy a SUP and go up to Mandeville and surf the North Shore. You can do some good fishin on a paddle board. Hey, now that Franky an Johnny's closed, is there anywhere to get fried bell peppers in uptown anymore?