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Thread: new board

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    new board

    hey im looking for a new board im 5'8 and 185 im looking to ride this one in bigger waves what size do you think i should go with

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    I have a 5'10" Larry Mayo fish, quad fin for sale......Brand new condish. Only surfed a couple times.

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    need more info... what kind of surf conditions, fin setup, tail???

    personally, i'd say 6'1" thumb-tail... EPS EPOXY

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    The one I have for sale is a 5'10" Larry Mayo Quad fin. Only used it twice. It's in excellent shape. It's a fairly thick board, yet surprisingly light and very loose.
    If you decide that's something you're looking for, email me on this site or send an email to nmiamibeachkid@yahoo.com
    I'll shoot some pics and give you better specs on the board.