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    Doing Airs With A Hood?

    Ok so shoot me if this has already been asked, if I leave my house at noon on January 23rd and it takes an hour to get to the beach. What thickness wetsuit will I need to do airs on my new board. ALso what is the best fin for winter surfing. I saw kelly riding a 5 fin where can I buy a board with 5 fins.

    Also what is best for me a hoodie that attaches or does not. I like to surf backside (dont know if that helps)? WHat is the best wetsuit for August surfing in florida. Ok thanks!

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    Good attempt. Just not very funny

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    True, sick of seeing these posts.. figured id let you all know.

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    Word around Deal is that trevolution's spit hood adds 2.3' to every air you bust.

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    I was even going to say: this is a topic I have no clue about, maybe I have something funny to say
    and I see that it is a joke...

    "stupid TV, be more funny!!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNr_NE3tl6g

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    I think its the funniest post ever.

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    Not very nice, Kookie. If you keep insulting the new comers you'll end up being stuck with only the veterans for the rest of eternity. No new ideas, no new perspectives. It's a grim prospect. You're only f-ing yourself.

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    Really loose, oversize hoods help with airs, because they act as a parachute would on the way down. They really maximize your airtime, especially on lefts.

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    Your just mad atom

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    I like my forums like I like my surf spots.. the people who want to be there will stay no matter how much I taunt them.. when they show they dont give a **** what I think we can share the same stretch of beach.