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    Sorry, there is so much misinformation here . . . We should stay away from giving each other this advice. If you reduce your cals below maintenance, you won't "slow" your metabolism over the short or even medium term, and even over long term you can manage it with periodic carb refeeds . . . The problem is to be even halfway intelligent on this you need to read a lot of research.
    Agreed on the misinformation. That could also include the above paragraph. Less caloric intake = less T3 (in a general sense). The body is the most prudent investor/spender we will ever know. If it takes less currency in, it will spend less. Are there exceptions to this? Of course, but most are further over the head of readers here than the simple topics we are currently discussing. You're assuming anyone in caloric restriction is employing the use of a cheat meal or cheat day to rejuve the thyroid when 98% of dieters aren't on the same page you and I might be with academic knowledge and anecdotal experience.

    You are a fit old buc mang!

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    And BTW, people always ask "since you're a vegetarian do you still drink?". I love this question. Think about how idiotic it really is. The answer is a resounding "yes", but in moderation for sure, and never the hard stuff. A good, unfiltered, bottle conditioned craft beer each day will promote better health (physical and mental). Yeast is damned good for you so DO NOT dump out that last little bit of your Sierra Nevada...suck down that slime.
    Brah, there better be some man food at your vegan eateries when I come up to charge with you in Vacationland.

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    pounds are lost at the table.
    Especially when playing casino blackjack in the UK.

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    I win all my bench offs. And I never surf less, or more, than 23'.
    Then you'd have been stoked today at Deal as I heard the shred swell had a full 2-hour window!

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    "Especially when playing casino blackjack in the UK."

    Very clever and funny.

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    Deal was breaking third reef today

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    UGHHH! :(
    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    Deal was breaking third reef today
    I know... I was too fat to paddle out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubonicphoniks View Post
    "Especially when playing casino blackjack in the UK."

    Very clever and funny.
    Thanks brah, but truth be told, the full moon has performance-enhancing properties for my funny bone and the remainder of the lunation period I'm just annoying as hell. That is, aside from the Whacking Gibbous phase where I'm capable of a bit of wit but no guarantees.

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    You guys got the diet thing all wrong!

    Look, if you do a couple lines of coke or even smoke a little meth at least once or twice a day for about 6 months you will be slim in trim in no time!

    In fact just the other day I saw my neighbor and he went from 235lbs to 95lbs in less than 6 months! His wife was 320lbs and is now down to 82lbs!

    Now that's some healthy living! Richard Simmons needs to pick up a few pointers from these people!

    Hey not only will it keep you slim and trim but you won't feel as cold while you are out in the line-up. It really seems to build up your heart rate and keep your body numb.

    Not only will it help you with your physical condition but also financial burdens. No more having to worry about keeping to much money in your bank account. Just stay on this program and you will never have that problem! This really keeps people from asking you for money too!

    So give it try folks. Don't forget to weigh in first though so we can get an accurate measurement and keep track of the pounds shedding!