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    I think I've catched the 'stoke' as you dudes say!

    Me and my bro had a surf lesson the other day. He thought it was crap but I loved it so much that I went again surfing on my own yesterday. In the lesson I managed to stand up and carve the wave but yesterday it was so much harder. It was also way less friendly than I thought. This one dude caught the waves with me but started shouting at me. But in the end he told me some nice things though. He said I should not catch his waves, and that yesterday the wave's were 'choppie' and harder to learn on. Is he right? Are choppie waves harder to surfs and should I not surf waves with others? We were all doing it in the lesson and it was so fun.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my happiness. Surfing is so fun I can't believe it. Why isn't everyone doing it? maybe they are like my bro - fat and useless. lol.

    Can't wait to go again now.

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    *caught ... Haha congrats home slice! I kinda feel like this is a joke though since people on this forum joke around quite a bit.

  3. Wait a minute, this sounds like that pimp in training guy making a comeback...

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    nah, gotta be a mad-lib of some sorts. man, I love those...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Williams View Post
    Wait a minute, this sounds like that pimp in training guy making a comeback...
    That was what I was thinking. Its to perfect not to be a joke.

    "This one dude caught the waves with me but started shouting at me" I don't know why I find that so funny

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    "Choppie" waves are not ideal to surf but if you really feel the need to go ahead. lol I do feel like this is the pimp in training or just another member trying to create some humour

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    Oh boy, this thread could get entertaining... But if you end up not being a troll, I hope that you have found the stoke. But watch out that stoke is a dangerous thing mannnn. You will never stop looking for that next fix. Have fun ditching every future BS obligation to score some surf. But hey, Don't worry it will be totally worth it.

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    Even with my limited time on this board, I think we have a PBJ sighting right here. Signature touches, all very tasteful & appropriate. Most excellent.

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    Heya dudes. Sorry I don't get the joke, did I drop a funny? I am definitely NOT a troll though we had one of those on the warhammer forum and that dude was a ****.

    The teacher in the lesson told us surfing was addictive and now i no it is! I have dreamed of it every night since the lesson and you dudes even have a thread on it!!

    Can somebody tell me why is the choppie waves no good for learning? And how can I know when they will be choppie?

    I can't wait to go again. But next time I will only catch waves on my own and hope to not make people angry.

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    Make sure you wax the bottom of the board, it will slow you down and make standing up for the first time easier! Also, learn to bench like a man.