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    Yeah, but are you saying you wouldn't take it on an otherwise flat week?


    I hope you get to enjoy what the ocean has on tap this week, MFitz. I cannot, and would gladly try out this utterly stupid looking contraption.
    Dude, that thing is horrible. its garbage. maybe it would be fun to try it once but look at it. it has zero similarity with how a real wave works in the ocean. this is more like skimboarding than riding a pushing wall of water that is falling over itself.

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    You know what was garbage this year? the Atlantic Ocean, Who cares if its not the same, Its fun riding it.

    Its ok to hate something different but I wouldn't knock it untill you try it.

    This is the Only one in the world with this setup and I don't work for or sponsored by them.

    I am giving my 2cents.

    you guys sound like my parents 20 years ago when I started surfing, haha...

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    I never said it looked like an ocean wave...

    Has anyone surfed a river wave? It seems similar to that... without the paddlefest. I've had fun trying to surf a river wave. I've had fun tubing a creek. And I bet I would have fun on the Nashua .... Shredmachine? Hell, I might even rent it out for my next office party.

    In Germany (that's where they make BMW's), they have a lake with a big rotary contraption at the center. You wait in line for your turn, grab a rope, and whiz around on a wakeboard centripetal style. Sounds idiotic, and it probably looks idiotic, but I would try it if I couldn't go surfing.

    A lot of people spend a ton of time at the gym. Diet and image obsessed narcissists. This thing looks way more fun than working out, but that's easy for me to say, as I can naturally bench three hundo.

    Look, if it's flat, I'll do anything- ride this machine, ride Chavez via Pam Anne, maybe even take one of those albino Massachusetts slampigs for a spin.

    But what can I say ... I drive a nice car and I do what I want. Just don't cut in line or I'll mean mug all of you.
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    The issue I see with it is it's at an indoor skydiving place, that will attract families and others who just want to say they "surf". Then on their next summer vacation to the beach they will rent a foamie and crowd the line up, buy a Quicksilver shirt and tell all their friends they are surfers. Like others have said this is basically the same crap that's on cruise ships and kiddie water parks and does not represent true surfing. Just my $.02

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    Unfortunately it's not really surfing, I wish it was. I would be happy to do it but wouldn't pay to stand in a line to do it. I'll repeat what I said before, any real surfer who spends too much time on it is going to see their surfing suffer. Anyone who learns to ride that "wave" will never be able to transfer that skill to riding an ocean wave.

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    For some reason brush boarding looks like more fun.

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    why do they keep building these type of stuff (BMax flowrider is another one) on coastal states??? build it inland, like the midwest or something...

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    I'm sure it's fun. I'd like to have one near me... It's obviously no real surfing, but it doesn't have to be.
    I enjoy mountain biking. That's not surfing.

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    What thickness of webbed gloves do I need for the first 11 minutes and 18 seconds of static barrell riding in So. NH if I hit that break between the hours of 2-4pm the last week of December?

    Alsoooo...do I really need a 4/3 that whole time or could I rock an octuplet of rash guards made in China? Will the lack of neoprene cause me to go hypotensive? Let's say not and my perfusion is normal, will doping pre-sesh with a wheatgrass smoothie free of GMOs and fish oil keep my libido up?

    Any help you brahs can give would be grrrreeeaaattttt!! Ok thanks bye.