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    How long will I last in my 4/3 Wetsuit?

    I have a ripcurl F-bomb 4/3 chest zip in great condition, fairly new. My friend who surfs more than me (especially in the winter) is trying to convince me that i can surf ocean county NJ all year in it. I feel like I may be able to pull it off, especially in short sessions, but i'm not convinced. I know it depends on the person though. To give you a look at me, I'm wide but not huge. In summers, I can swim in in 60 degree waters for hours in bordies and not even really feel cold. I went in with my 4/3 on a rouge 55 degree (water)day and it was so hot that I almost died. if a nice hooded 5/4 of any sort was in my budget right now, i would get it. but its not....... so im trying to work wiuh what i have.<br /><br />i also have hyperflex 5 mil boots, 6 mil gloves, and 5 mil hood. I might go get some 7 mil's<br /><br />what does everyone think, can i get through the deadly jan/feb/march weather in my wettie?<br /><br />thanks

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    if your tolerant to cold water and the suit is tapped and sealed i dont see what not?

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    I've done it the last 6 years, I got a real good 4/3 and never bothered with the 5 mil. The key is 7 mil booties and good pair of gloves. Just sucks when windy, I rather be more flexible than warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrismsurf View Post
    how long will i last in my 4/3 wetsuit?
    till you get cold

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    till you get cold
    Exactly. At this point in the fall, nobody has any idea whether this will be one of those winters where the water stays in the low-mid 40s all winter and we have mostly south wind swells on warm days. A good 4/3 with the right hood/gloves/boots will get you through all winter. I remember several winters like that about 10 years ago.

    Or..we get one of those winters where the water gets down to 37-39 for two months straight and all of the swells are on those NW winds/35 degree air temps days and the 4/3 will not cut it for most of January, all of February and most of March.

    Wait and see.
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    couldnt see why not...when i was younger...that was my winter suit...4/3 and no where near the rubber technology of today. Those very cold and windy days can be tough and may shorten your session.

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    How long can I last in my girlfriend with a 3/2 guys? Because i've been sweating to much in my 5/4 and she doesn't like that. But i don't want to be cold and catch the shrinkage Nahmean? but on a real note Njsurfer hit the nail on the head man. Wear what you got and you will find out it's as simple as that.

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    My wife says I last plenty long going bare...

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    I don't know.

    I think you should ask for a wetsuit for Christmas.

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    4/3 Oneill Mutant is all I wear all winter. Good call above on 7 mil boots. Sounds like ya have thick skin so get out in the water and surf til ya shrink up dude......frigg