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    Almost lost my right index finger while in the Navy as a Photomate. It got my elbow too. All good now. Cool scar stories. njsurfer42 said it best.

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    Even though its getting better, just go to the doctor, and describe your history...
    Cover your bases, no point in messing around with it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Definitely staph, that sh!1 is no joke man. My grandpop died of a MRSA infection after open heart. Go see an MD, buy some Hibicleanse and I hate to say it, toss the suit, or at least soak it in a lot of bleach and then rinse it 20 times (bleach is bad, mmmKay). Burn it with Fire. And don't wear your new one until you get rid of the staph infection. I picked up MRSA on my elbow a couple of years back from rolling and I count myself lucky it didn't turn into a giant, black, pus oozing hole that ate my bones. First it looked like a pimple, then the gnarliest bug bite I've ever had, full on bullseye rings. I was gonna put a picture of a bad staph infection up; but i like most of you guys. googles

    One more thing, doing a partial course of half-expired, antibiotics "Reduced drinking and my remaining Nicaraguan antibiotics knocked it out over a couple of weeks. All systems go." is what leads to multi-resistant bacteria. SOURCE: oldest sister, Dr/CEO of a biotech Co., my Mom an immunologist with a Master's in MicroB and my sister an ER/lifeflight nurse.
    Yeah, what he said. And take probiotics so your gut doesn't get all screwed up from the anitbiotics. It happened to me and I still get food reactions.

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    wetsuit aids...

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    Straight up, MRSA. I got hospitalized back in February for 5 days because of it. I honestly thought it was a pimple on my abdomen. Popped that sucker and squeezed it out, cleaned her with hydrogen peroxide. Bad idea.

    Next day had a fever and didn't know what was going on and that sucker grew to like the size of an orange. Considering the symptoms and proximity to "my junx", I went to the doctor's office. She gave me antibiotics, painkillers and lanced that thing. She said if it didn't "get better within 24 hours, go to the emergency room immediately!" It was not known if this was MRSA at the time.

    Got home, sleeping under a pile of blankets and burning up like crazy. Girlfriend comes by, takes one look at me and we are off to the hospital. It was taken care of, but you are treated like you're radioactive and hospitals are not cheap. Don't know if there is a God, gods or what since I am a human, but I will say this, Thank God for Health Insurance.

    Got it the first time (pre-surf life) from playing a show I was drumming for. Hit my hand a lot on the snare. I blame it on the smoke n juice but I digress. My left hand was bloody as hell. I put on a glove. Bad idea. MRSA

    Had a fever the next day. Told everyone I would be meeting up to drink within a couple of hours. Hospital.

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    You guys are all boils and disease. I'm taking a shower after I come on here every time now.

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    Scenario: a surfer loses his leg below the knee to a dirty, smelly, disgusting staph infection. Is that the story he shares at the bar, or does he go with "my leg currently resides inside the belly of a 17ft great white"?

    What would YOU do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashdog View Post
    After an early October swell, I developed a skin infection at the top of my knee. At first it seemed like a big pimple. The condition worsened markedly, spreading across the top and bottom of my knee, becoming increasingly swollen, painful, and eventually fever inducing.

    Reduced drinking and my remaining Nicaraguan antibiotics knocked it out over a couple of weeks. All systems go.

    Fast forward to last weekend, after surfing a lil' windswell, I woke up to red marks signaling the return of the infection (same spot). Luckily, this time it got better before it got much worse...

    Have you guys had any experiences with a wetsuit causing an infection? I'm guessing it's in the suit as it happened in the same spot. Should I just get a bottle of piss-off? The diver's forums recommend everything from lysol to bleach mixtures, but I know they are idiots, unlike you guys.

    Oh, feel free to discuss any other contracted infections here too.
    Yes, back in 2003 or 04, when I had only been there for a year or so, I surfed after a heavy rain after being advised not too. after a few weeks, I couldnt walk and had a big red mark. A scab surfaced and eventually came off in the shower, and I have a dime sized wide hole in my leg that was about 2 inches deep. I could see my muscles... I had to take al;l kinds of anti-biotics and was out of the water for a month...

    The doctor told me that it was most likely an in-grown hair that and the dirty water got in through the wetsuit and into the ingrown hair... Not 100% sure, but that Hawaiian nurse told me that he had seen that many times from wetsuits...

    so yes.

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    Although not usually advisable, let you suit hang inside out outside in the sun for an afternoon. Plus, I'm not sure how much it takes but it doesn't take much bleach in a tub of water to get rid of the nasty stuff.

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    I had the same thing once, but it was herpes. And it was on my wiener. I got it from having unprotected sex with a hooker. Exactly the same situation you're in