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    not especially, beyond the fact that today, at 67 years of age, he still one of the most singularly healthy human beings i have ever encountered. the man just does not get sick. colds bounce off him & the flu just give him a case of the sniffles.

    we were in panama for a surf trip when the infection began in a wound he got from hitting the reef. we attacked it aggressively w/ prescription anti-biotic cream & kept it dry & covered when he was out of the water. that seemed to keep it at bay for the remainder of the trip, but it flared back up w/ a vengeance when we got home & ate all the cartilage in the joint. he ended up landing in the hospital for a few days & taking antibiotics for months, then once the infection was fully licked some funky injections to keep the knee lubricated while he strengthened his leg muscles back up enough to under go the replacement procedure.

    moral of the story, it might be getting better, but i'd still recommend going to see your dr. MRSA sucks.
    Whoa. Helluva story. Take heed, all.

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    The horror stories and medical advice seeped into my consciousness much like the appeal of the Carver brand has seeped into Emass' every waking moment.

    I gave in and sought a professional opinion at Bellevue. After many hours of waiting with the junkies, multiple cough-spewing homeless men, and ostensible rape victim, I was moved into the very crowded actual treatment room. Upon my arrival, the echoing voices of caution which initially compelled me to seek treatment were quickly deadened. Perhaps it was the handcuffed bleeding victim of a birdshot blast, or maybe the chained down, tat-covered, screaming HIV patient; Either way, I suddenly felt the strength of the hand I had to play.

    I had the good fortune of an Argentine doctor noticing the futbol team on my hat, and was given quicker attention as a result of our conversation. Diagnosis: Cellulitis, Strain Unkown. Diagnosis Method: Visual. Doc said that the Cipro probably didn't cure the initial infection, as it's not meant for such afflictions, and that it was likely my 'healthy immune system' taking care of business, as it was now. I was given a prescription for Antibiotic cream, in the event of the infection's return, and told to "check the internet about the wetsuit."

    I'm feeling rather whole, and I'm stoked to get on whatever comes our way next week. I'm definitely gonna be extra cautious about sanitizing that wettie, if I don't toss it outright. I just want to thank all of you guys for your anecdotes, advice, expertise, and entertainment.

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    Glad you don't have mrsa. Surf on