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    quality camera for surf photos

    I'm looking for a good camera and lense for taking photos from the beach any suggestions? I was thinking a t3i rebel or maybe a 60D if budget allows? Any lenses suggestions and thoughts on the cameras mentioned? Or other suggestions?

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    60D is much better than t31, but the major investment isnt the camera body is the lenses

    good focal length to start on a budget would be a 70-300

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    The 60D I'm looking at comes with 18mm-135mm andthe rebel t3i or t5i come with a 55-200mm lenses those are the option in my price range under 850

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    Are you saying I'm a spam bot? Obviously not I'm asking an honest question. I'd ask about Nikon or newer model cannons but I have a coupon thing for these three cannons. Bump please also can we stay on topic. Gilman you seem very informed on this topic can you add a little to this

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    for the best deals i usually check my local craigslist (where i got my 60d from) or the used section of B&H's website

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    My father is big into photography. He bought a newer canon and have me his old one, not sure which model it is. You can't use the screen while taking pictures you got to use the view finder, screen is only for liking at pictures after if that helps at all as to which model it is. I'd agree that the lens is more important though. I use a tamron 70-300 macro lens. My father passed that on to me also after upgrading. I don't actually use the camera my girl does but she gets some real good shots. Every time she comes along I'm impressed by the shots she gets.

  9. What kind of Photographer are you? Beginner? Advanced? Im guess by the thread you are a Beginner. The T3i is a great entry level camera body that, if you are struggling to understand focal points, shutter speeds, etc will walk you through it on the auto settings.

    I have shot with an old sony alpha for the past 5 years, an entry level camera, and have learned alot about my styles of shooting, what I look for and want in my next camera. If I would have bought a camera that was over my ability level at the time, I probably never would have kept pursuing photography.

    I say spend less to learn more, upgrade when you've hit a wall in your equipment, try out different styles of lense (IMO you cant have enough variety, especially shooting surf from the beach), and learn photoshop (regardless how you feel about editing, photoshop will save you in areas that you could never imagine).

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    Bump please more information on lenses compatible with a 60 D