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Thread: Life is good

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    Up north too... Head high and offshore. Looks really fun

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    snowboarding?...isn't it a bit early for anything other than the "white ribbon of death"? (unless you're going to colorado or some other NW destination)

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    lots of places are opening on friday or saturday with decent coverage. seven spring near pittsburgh has a huge amt of snow.

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    Double-triple overhead here this spot!

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    You're 2.5' tall?

    Quote Originally Posted by surfsolo View Post
    Double-triple overhead here this spot!

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    Just got out, fun day...those offshores made it tough to see when dropping in though..:time to get a hot shower!

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    It's the poop de jour here. a ton of guys at Croatan. They must be 10 feet tall because no ones catching the 3-5 feet waves.

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    "You ever ridden French Creek State park in PA? That place is good."
    Too funny. I paddle there several times a week during the summer.
    Today was good in MD. Bit of a workout to get out. Most sets were just a bit overhead. Some a bit more. Had to dig deep and hard to catch, but fast rides. Wind shifted @ noon from NW messing it up a bit. Just 3-4 guys out at a time. Never got above 42 degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Yes, braddah. A man after my own heart. Ripped the Carver hard last night from 11-1 in the pouring rain and was mad stoked sliding the wheels on wet pave for reverts and 180s and finally rode them out fakie full speed. Headed to charge best peaks around til dark. Then do the same tonight and tomorrow and again on Friday before snowboarding up north this weekend.

    Over my friends house yesterday and found this old mongoose cheap little skateboard and found out that the thing is sick for slides. After I was done with it the trucks were about to fall off.

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    Fun session in Maryland this afternoon, then shot these. the strong offshore winds were putting some bumps on the waves now and then, but some solid ones were coming through.

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