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    gopro sunglasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    gopro sunglasses.
    epic idea,

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    Bite mount with a tether long enough to tie to your neck or wrist. then you can transition it from your mouth to your hand once you catch the wave.

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    You are never the only one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Onelove87 View Post
    I purchased a GoPro 3 for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico in late december and really don't want to mount it on my surfboard. Wanted to know is it someone difficult to paddle out into the lineup with one of those things in your hand?

    Here is a video of me surfing Puerto Rico, in late December, with a Gopro hero3 in my right hand.


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    i gave it a go a while ago check er out.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3han5IYPc7E

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    Leave it home, noone wants to see your gopro videos. They are terrible, always, terrible.

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    i have a floaty backdoor on it and i just bite onto that.. haven't tried it in surf over waist high though. A little too risky for me

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    haha believe me I don't plan on showing it to y'all haha,its for myself for surfing and snorkeling when I go down their so i can see whats under the water, sucks having to wear contacts, thanks for the videos they will help

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    unless you are getting overhead reeling barrels they are kind of annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenshiles View Post
    unless you are getting overhead reeling barrels they are kind of annoying.
    yeah totally agree.. i even make vids using one but for some reason you can always tell when a video is shot using a go pro its a combo of the poor graphics from the camera and the poor shot composition and shakiness of the camera man.. thats what id like to see a go pro vid where i can't tell a go pro was used in terms of video quality.. theres no hope for the average go pro enthusiast and their filming skillz